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Passionate about eco-frugality. I used to party hard, clubbing my way from pay-packet to pay-packet. Never getting ahead, just getting by. Then came our much wanted baby with no savings in the bank - only an old car. Changes were made to our lifestyle and we didn't turn back. In the past 6yrs we purchased a flat, found employment, lived below our means, built an emergency fund, purchased a reliable car and saw the financial benefits of our frugal lifestyle. Our only debt is our mortgage. Our aim is to manage our cash flow wisely, pay off our home quickly and eventually work for pleasure, not necessity. Join us on our journey, share insights, tips and tricks to help us and others to get ahead while having a good time.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Now In Kuta - Bali

On arrival at the airport I purchased our visa's and exited the airport and started to look for a person who works as a middle man for accommodation. I was spotted quickly and he started with high end hotels. I explained I was traveling on a tight budget and was looking for somewhere cheap, clean, quiet and safe for me and my daughter. So he offered a room with bathroom and breakfast at 200, 000 rupiahs (25$AUS) per night.

We ate a gorgeous dinner at a small restaurant in our alley and made friends with the cooks and waiters who spoilt Dolly with 2 bananas and 1 mandarin to take home. The cost of the dinner came to $5 for both of us, including drinks. We left a novel behind that I had finished reading on the table.

We are now about to head to Singarja where we would like to stay with a poor traditional family and share floor space in their home in exchange for a learning experience for myself and Dolly. They do not use a computer so it's a task trying to contact them.

Here's a link for a Bali Map. My budget is $40 maximum a day and this is living the rich life.

Right now Dolly and I are about to head off. We are currently sitting in the internet cafe with 1 bag each About $10 kilo's in total, all stuff we can leave here when we head to France next week.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask... By the way, I tried to buy a second hand Lonely Planet but ended up having to purchase it new :-(

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  1. Lovely to hear about your trip. I'm glad it's going well. I had a real problem when we had a wedding in the U.S. and had to decide if I could justify flying. As a vegan I know that my carbon footprint is relatively low (some say only 6% of a non-vegan)but it still was a hard choice. Many people join 'off-setting' schemes. I think as a frugal person you're living as lightly as you can. And when family are involved well, that's why we're here, maybe?
    Stay safe and enjoy your holiday


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