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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Think Outside the Box When Sourcing Beads.

Dolly (3yrs old) is really into beading at the moment. She will spend a good 30 minutes concentrating on her own, with a beading project.

Here is what she made last week from beads that came from birthday gifts, op-shops, a broken handbag and broken junk jewellery.

Because this is a rare chance that we have that she sits quietly and gives us a small break from her non stop chatter I thought it wise to gather more beads.

Here are my beads and their sources.

I saved junk jewellery destined for the op-shop and cut them for their pretty beads. Included is a small red beaded handbag that once contained lollies. Cute but just to small to be useful.

I found in an op-shop a $1 D&G T-shirt covered in great quality glass beads. No way would I wear this T-Shirt, but I will re-purpose it without hesitation. Does it say Sexy?

Then I found this elegant stained white 80's top for only $1. Its collar was covered in fake pearls - these once again were of superior quality and had me snatching it up to recoup the beads.

And this what I have ended up with!!!

4 large handfuls of glorious beads!!! Dolly will have enough to have a wonderful crafting time and lots left over to share with friends.

Do you repurpose stuff too?


  1. What a great idea, im sure Dolly will have lots of fun with those!

  2. Thanks for taking that hideous D & G shirt out of circulation and putting it to good use!
    we love a bit of repurposing, the teapot wears a fetching matching hat (tea cosies are expensive and ugly!) the herbs live in old tins, the children run around with old op shop nanna scarves being superheroes... you are smarter than me though- your repurposing keeps your child quiet!


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