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Sunday, December 5, 2010

We Love Those Hand Me Downs.-

A friend of mine is leaving town to work in a remote area. As she packed her family's life into boxes, she kept aside items her own daughter has out grown. My lucky Dolly has been given all of the below items and has been over the moon by the gifts for days now.
Wooden Toy Box, Chairs, Electronic Toy, Bowls and Lots of French Books.

Toys and Dress Ups - Dolly has been in Fairytale Heaven.

Wooden Chairs (Replacing our Plastic Chairs), Shoe Rack and a Big Girl Car Seat. Coffee for Grandma and School Hat for Dolly.
This got me thinking a great deal about posts where people discuss re-gifting at Christmas time. I personally would have no issue with someone giving me a second hand gift. In fact I would prefer it as I know it prevents the giver from unnecessary spending and it's a excellent eco way of giving.

Last week I read a website discussion, where a person was criticising another person who was thinking of giving some of her children's out grown toys in good condition to her young nephews. The person criticising saw the other person as being overly cheap at Christmas and believed she should purchase new gifts to not disappoint the children. I know for a fact Dolly loves hand me downs from friends she loves. They have so much more meaning to her than a new toy or dress. The fact that the above toys were played with by a child she admires greatly has brought a whole lot of happiness and excitement to her.

The Rambling Expat, Dolly and myself share a giant king size bed but at present we are struggling to all fit in as many of these gifts have also been sharing the bed. Dolls and hard plastic toys have been jabbing me in the back and sneaking under the sheets. This to me is proof of Dolly's happiness of the hand me downs. If they had been wrapped up and given as Christmas gifts Dolly would not have been disappointed.

I think the best gifts to give are pre-loved, local, crafted, cooked and will be used or eaten and not add to clutter or financial hardship.

How do you feel about re-gifting and re-purposing? Do you aim for Frugal or Eco gifts? Do you splurge out because it is the time of "Giving"? What does "Giving" mean to you? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

Have a great day  :-)


  1. I buy gifts in charity shops, jumble sales and car boot sales - they are the best! I bought mum a huge bag of books to read over the coming year, I bought dad old framed prints of boats, nothing costing more than pennies - they'll love them.

  2. Wow what a lucky girl your Dolly is.

    I remember getting excited as a mother when I got hand-me-downs for my three daughters, it felt like Christmas.

  3. I love hand me downs too and i have no problems recieving second hand items as gifts - i love it. My mum and dad more often than not buy secondhand toys for my kids at birthdays and christmas and really what difference does it make - only less stuff to go to land fill :)
    Would love to catch up with you Stephanie, missed you at the market!

  4. I love regifting as long as you are giving the person something you know they would enjoy. I don't want someone to go out and spend money on me just to spend. Most of my Xmas gifts were purchased new at yard sales -- high-end stuff, too! Great post!!

  5. Thanks for all your lovely and interesting comments.

    I grew up getting lots of second hand stuff. But now days toys and clothes seem so much cheaper compared to the paypacket in the 70's and 80's, I can see why people don't go for buying second hand.

    I have remind myself when I want to buy new - Is it Eco to do so!!!


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