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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Last Country on Our Holiday - Singapore

After Bali, France and Switzerland we headed back home to Oz. However we had a 23 hour wait in Singapore. At 1st I had thought we would spend it in the airport as it has great facilities; sleeping areas, restaurants, massage, fishponds, entertainment, a butterfly enclosure, playgrounds and even 3 free cinemas! However due to our exhaution from our lovely gastro we decided to get a cheap hotel.

I spoke with Hotel Information staff at the airport. I was given options in my price range. One looked okay at $60AUS but.. was in the red light district. In the past this would be no issue for me, now with Dolly I desire a cleaner bedroom then usual. I quietly asked if the sex workers and customers used the hotel rooms... Yes many of them did.

We decided to go for a small hotel in Little India at $80AUS a night. The hotel patrons were Indian families in Singapore for the shopping. And shopping they did! As they waited for taxi's for the airport to return to India their baggage was boxes and boxes of stuff! The only shopping we did was for fruit and a $5 box of tiny offering tea cups for Dolly. Dolly has a couple of Miniature Cups and a Serving Plate from Vietnam, a hand me down Porcelain Tea Pot from France and a little Jug I picked up in an op shop for 50 cents. So these were a great addition to her fragile collection.
Each cup has a different image.
Pretty when removed from all the kitch and glitz in the over flowing shop.
Has now become a new addition to Dolly's fragile tea set collection.
I'm so glad we got ourselves a hotel because we were still sick and weak. And my whooping cough was really getting me down. We made it out of the hotel for a couple of hours to wander and have dinner. This is what we had (Yes another food pic...)
Quick Indian Dinner Served on Eco "Green" Banana Leaves
I love Indian food, but I was just too sick to eat. I had 3 bites and that was it. They were closing when we arrived for dinner but they kindly served us and boiled an egg for Dolly. We drank bottled water and Coke to try and ease our stomach bugs. The staff that served us spoke no English (Singapore is an English speaking country) and we saw people bedding down in the street when we returned to the hotel. Little India is very different to the rest of modern bustling Singapore and the food was super cheap. I love the area, it feels more relaxed then the rest of the busy city.
The Rambling Expat Had No Problem Eating.

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