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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gardening and Cooking

I'm always so busy with my active 4 year old, but I was able to get some minimal gardening and cooking done today. I say minimal because one of my stitches is infected, red and sore - so I didn't want to put extra strain on it by moving and stretching too much.

There was a meeting and Working Bee at the Botanical Gardens Permaculture Garden Plots. It was great, I learnt a whole lot from the Botanical Garden staff and the other "plotters" on what I can grow and what is eatable in the garden.

The "plotters" are a varied bunch of people. And varied means that everyone has different techniques and styles and best of all grow different things. I love it so much. I'm really enjoying this new project in my life. It makes me feels very happy indeed to grow some of my own food! Here is a pic my stash that I was gifted or that I harvested to cook up this week.

  • Lemon grass.
  • Basil.
  • Thai Coriander.
  • Brazilian Spinach
  • The green - purple leaf (a type of spinach).
  • The lush green vine and leaves (another type of spinach).
  • Ginger root.
  • Turmeric root.
  • The 1 vine with a few green leaves Chinese Allspice.
  • Pumpkin vine tips.
  • Sweet potato vine tips.
  • 1 Chili.
You can click on the image to see it bigger. I will eventually learn all the correct names for the vegetables and herbs and let you know the correct names as I progress.

Lovely Lush Garden Stash.
I also made and cooked 2 kilos of potato and pumpkin gnocchi. Tossed it with butter, olive oil, rock salt, garlic and Garden Basil. I'm slow at everything so this took me HOURS to make.
Cooking from Scratch
My partner the Rambling Expat was also frugal active today, he went fishing and was stalked: Read about it HERE.

What frugal activities have you been up to? Did you get stalked too?


  1. aw, look at that cute little chili. You've got a good table full of goodies there.
    Does the gnocchi freeze well? surley you did not eat two kilos of gnocchi between you, haha.

  2. The flavour of produce that you have planted, nurtured and harvested with your own hands simply surpasses that of anything purchased from a shop.

    Now, if I could just grow perfect gnocchi....instead of procrastinating about making it...Dream on, Daffodil!

  3. Karen the chili is cute But HOT! I have HelpX at the moment so the gnocchi will be eaten (plus I'm a glutton).

    Daffodil: Wouldn't that be great a gnocchi tree. And a chocolate bar tree too. Not a Black Sapote but real chocolate bars.


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