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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Made Some Sales and Talked About Being Green and Frugal


It's been a long time since I've last blogged and I've had so much to talk about...

On Friday I received a call from the Happy Yess Moles telling me that there was a groovy concert with 20 bands playing and a small bazaar on Saturday. If I wanted a stall all I had to do was pay the $25 concert fee. Never to miss local talent, fun times and save/make a buck in the process I said "Yes Please!"

I had already spent my $25 stock budget for the month but since this was a special event I headed out early and hit 3 op shops in 3 hours. I bought clothes, jewellery and accessories for a mixed concert going crowd and spent $51.

Then raced home, cleaned some of it and priced it all, loaded the car and arrived at The Happy Yess venue in time for the 3pm start. My mum kindly picked up Dolly at 6pm for a sleep over as the concert had a 1am finish. I was in for the long haul and all the fun.

My 1st sale of the evening was to this amazing musician.

I had a really good time meeting old friends, making new friends and chatting to lots of people about how I personally action being frugal and eco. People were interested, which is very cool.

There were only 5 stalls (including me)! One was a illustrator Click here to see her amazing work :-) Another was a jewellery maker creating cool stuff out of plumber rings and ionised aluminium. Another sold reggae T-shirts and the last sold vintage clothing. And then there was me selling a mixture of vintage and modern trash and treasure. I think we were a good small mixed group.

3 stalls side by side in one of the 3 concert areas.
So how did I go with the selling of my lovely second hand finds, you ask.....

I came home with $140.50. But after taking out my costs of 76$ Stock & 25$ Entry fee, I was left with a profit of $39.50, sure nothing to quit my job over, but I was super happy never-the-less as I really enjoyed myself and didn't dig into my early retirement savings for the concert. Plus I still have plenty of stock for the regular market next week. I'll purchase another $25 of lovelies this week as I am back down to 0$ stock costs.

I'm putting my small profits into plants for my garden plot and the fruits of my labour will grow interest with lovely sustainable fruit & veggies ;-)

Have you sold anything or enjoyed a event without digging into your savings lately?


  1. I have decided to try selling a few things on ebay. I bought some reduced underwear recently and i am going to sell it , hopefully for a profit. i thought if i could start small , then reinvest my profits and try and snowball the profits to make big ones !!

  2. Sounds like you had a good time and earned some money that will be very well spent!


  3. Good on you Miss Piggy Bank! I used to buy collectables in op shops when I was a uni student and resell on Ebay at a profit. This allowed me to put food on the table, buy some groovy second hand furniture and have fun too. When we left Melbourne I resold the furniture and got all my money back.

    Only problem is Ebay's fees have increased a lot and their rules have gotten complex.

    You should follow bloggers "My Dear Trash" 'Money in the Garage" "Goodwill Hunting" and "The Ebay Life Blog". They are inspiring and a great educational tool.


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