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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Turning Paper Clutter into $$$

I have let paper pile up and I fell behind with major money issues. I'm very red faced here; I have not completed my tax return for 2010 and I have not claimed my 2009-2010 child care rebate (a long confusing process). This is all lost money as it could be in my bank account earning interest for me as I type.

So I tackled paper work in my 30 minute block as per my calender. I was amazed at how much sorting and purging I was able to do in 30 minutes. Bank statements, home maintenance, warranties and work references all filed where they should have been. The pile is still high but I got through a huge chunk making it motivating to continue. Best of all I found papers relating to my 2010 tax claim and 2009-2010 childcare rebate which I clipped aside. I aim to have these both claimed for by the 13 of May 2011, so that I can tackle my Superannuation and Will next.
Taxes, Child Care Rebates and Superannuation Fund
I discovered an invitation to an upcoming Superannuation talk for over 40's from my Superannuation Fund. I entered it in my diary and will definitely go as it's my money and my opportunity to learn more on how to save it from disappearing and make it work harder. I also need to see what is the best Super Fund for me.

Is your paper file neatly filed away, easy to grab when needed? Or just one big clutter pile causing stress and unhappiness? You could be loosing money if disorganised...


  1. I'm not really organised, I start with good intentions. It is all in a big box so I know where it is if I need it but I would have to go through everything.

  2. I am organised check everything that comes in and out I know I have saved a lot of money people make mistakes

  3. I file nearly everything as I get it, in some cases it hangs around until I photocopy it and then file it but usually pretty good.

    I am interested to see what effect (if any) the Budget will have on my childcare rebate!

  4. Miss Piggy Bank - you're nearly as bad as me :-(
    I waste time looking for "That Piece of Paper" all the time. I know it's in the pile but have to digit out.

    Cathy and Lisa - I need to rub you to get some of good habit into me.

    Anyone else there have paper work filed, piled or cluttered?

  5. Hi FDU, Just to let you know I have awarded you the Liebster Blog Award, in recognition of a great blog.


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