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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Carbon Tax Discussion with Ross Garnaut

Two nights ago my mum babysat Dolly for a couple of hours so that The Rambling Expat and I could attend a Public Lecture on Global Warming and the Carbon Tax in Australia by academic, economist and policy advisor Ross Garnaut.

I was very lucky that a colleague at work sent me the details for the free public lecture as I had not heard about it (Thanks Jeff). Not reading the local newspaper and not watching television can put me out of the loop at times. The event was free and booked out quickly so I was thrilled to get 2 seats.
Thanks to the Rambling Expat who was less shy than me to take a photo up close.
The Carbon Tax is being heavily debated in Australia and I feel ignorant. If I feel something is important and I should know about it, I like to push myself to learn. This way I am better informed and able to decide what is best for me, my family, my country and my planet. So off to the lecture we went and so far I'm for the Carbon Tax in Australia.

In my limited knowledge and expertise I do feel that the large companies will rant and rave and make some noise as to not loose money by paying the tax, however they will pay and continue to create waste and carbon emissions at the same level or higher as they always have. I feel the tax will not stop them as they are rich and getting richer by the minute. However in my mind this is a good place to start and other initiatives and innovations will be created by those who feel hope for the future. And I dearly hope that inventions will be made so our finite resources stop being exploited at the level they have been, in the global race for more and more. I am deeply worried my Dolly will not have the luck I had to live on a beautiful planet. She will have to clean up our mess and live in uncertain times.

The lecture was at times difficult for me to focus on and understand. However I feel if I attend things like this I can only increase my knowledge bit by bit until I have a better comprehension and that, is a very good thing. Ignorance is bliss but knowledge is power. And I prefer to hold the power of my life and its choices.

You can read The Garnaut Climate Change Review Final Report by clicking here.

Do you push yourself to attend talks where you might learn something new and expand you knowledge? There are so many mind expanding talks available for free all over the world.

Do you have an opinion on Carbon Taxes in Australia or elsewhere?

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  1. Some simple math.
    1Watt uses 1 Joule of energy per second,60joules per min, 600j in 10 mins and 3600j in 1 hour.

    1000watts (1kw) uses 3,600,000 j in 1 hour.
    ie 1KWH (1 unit of electrical energy, is 3.6MJ an hour. (MJ is million joules, not Michael Jackson)

    Coal contains 28MJ/kg, or 28,000MJ per tonne. Assume a conversion efficiency of 33%, this equates to around 9300MJ of energy available for electricity, which is about 2580KWH.
    A carbon tax of $10 per tonne is around 0.38cents a unit.
    $10/tonne = 0.38c
    $20/tonne = 0.77c
    $30/tonne = 1.16c
    $50/tonne = 1.93c
    $100/tonne = 3.87c
    My household uses around 10,000 KWH a year. Assume a tax of $30/tonne, means an increase in my bill of a WHOPPING $116 a year! Where do the critics get their figures from?? It sounds like hot air to me.


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