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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Do You Use Your Library To Save & Learn

As a family we went to the library last weekend and will head there again today. When I get so caught up in life and become over busy I forget how great the public library is.

Libraries save money and prevent cluttering of more purchased books when you're a book lover like me. They are also ecological as the books purchased by the library are for many people to read instead of just one. Now that must be saving millions of trees worldwide!

Because I have a book addiction and hoard them, I would like to stop buying them on a regular basis. Even though they are inexpensive quality second hand books which cost between 50 cents to $3, they clutter up my home and are unnecessary purchases. Therefor to cut back on the book buying means getting my family to the library on a regular basis, and that makes me very happy indeed.

Our libraries also have games, puzzles and a few toys to play onsite. Dolly loves all of these and thrives on the interaction with other children. It's a nice calming place for her to play in and relaxing for us.

These are the great books I got out last weekend: (A lot I know... but I couldn't resist). The ones in Purple are being returned today as they are finished.


My Books - Dolly crafting on the side.

  1. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver.
  2. Green is Good, Smart Ways to Live Well and Help the Planet by Rebecca Blackburn.
  3. The Idiots Guide to Making Natural Soaps by Sally Trew and Zonella Gould (too hard at this stage of my life).
  4. The $21 challenge by Fiona Lippey and Jackie Gower from Simply Savings.
  5. Pumped 101 Ways to Beat Petrol Prices by Roz Hopkins.
  6. 1001 Easy Ways for Earth-Wise Living by Readers Digest.
  7. DVD - Hidden (French film)
  8. DVD - Come in Spinner (Australian series)

Dolly's lot - including the book she wrote last year.

  1. Sophies Misfortunes by Countess de Segur (A French classic translated into English)
  2. Living Sustainably - Smart Shopping by Andrew Einspruch.
  3. There Once Was a Puffin by Florence Page Jaques and Shari Halpern.
  4. The Sea Princess by Katie Chase.
  5. Numbers, written by my own Dolly in 2010 when she was 3 and in the library for all to borrow :-)
  6. DVD: Rupert and the mystery Isle.

The Rambling Expat:
Didn't borrow anything but he read magazines and newspapers whilst there.

Not all countries are fortunate to have public libraries for all to use. I realise I am fortunate to live in an area that offers such a service. Do you have access and use library services?


  1. A post about books and libraries---love it! I have quite a book habit myself but I try to get them for as close to FREE as possible and I loan them out to other people so they get good use. I also have this (irrational) fear that one day there will no longer be books, so I'm collecting as many as I can! Though I am a messy housekeeper, I do keep my books neat and orderly on my shelves.

    I love the library for discovering new authors. My son has basketball camp next week and I plan to drop him off and spend the mornings at the library. My only complaint is that we have a really limited selection of books in our whole system, so if there is certain stuff I really want then I *have* to buy it.

    Looks like you and Dolly got some great reading material!

  2. The local library is two blocks from me. I use it when my internet is down or computer not working--free, to print sometimes--10 cents per page,to check out videos--free, to rent music--free, to check out books--free, to read the local newspaper--free, and as a place to tutor students--free.

    When I "lose" a video, the most they can charge in fine is $7. I work out my fine in the library. Last time, I took boxes of old newspapers, one month at a time, spent one hour, and ordered them chronologically. Whew, I hate paying fines for late videos.

    There are county genealogy records on microfiche.

    An electric typewriter is available for use.

    They have a bookcase in a hallway where they sell books, DVDs, magazines, and old sets of Encyclopedias--all items donated or deleted from the shelves.

    In the summer, the library has all sorts of programs for children. Since I don't even have grandchildren here, I sort of miss hearing about most events.

    Library patrons (have a library card) can request any book for the library to buy and have first chance to read it. They usually buy the book, but they might not.

    You can even learn to knit in the library one afternoon each week.

  3. We go to our public library at least fortnightly but usually weekly. The books, mags and DVDs are great and I have crafted, cooked and dug many projects from them.

    I got Animal Vegetable Miracle out again this week. I really should buy this one for myself as I love it.

  4. We have public libraries in the UK but with all the cost cutting maybe not for much longer. in our family we have used the libraries extensively and I know of families with children , of comparable ages ie 9 & 10, who have never taken their children inside. our library not only lends books but also does events like storytime, meet the author, animal man and much more. as i've said previously all these things are advertised in the local freebie paper, which people dont read. I truly hope the libraries dont close, but its a case of use it or lose it and some people just arrent bothered. Hope you are ok XX

  5. Very good advice, I make use of my library all the time, for printing documents too. 20c a page, rather than going to Officeworks where they charge a $6 'download fee' before even printing! I always rent DVDs for my son from the library too

  6. When I lived in Darwin, I loved going to the library. I would go once a month, and get about a dozen books. The range was fantastic, and it fed my inner bibliophile. The only problem was that after 9 years of using one library, I was down to borrowing mainly from the new book section.

    Now that I've moved to Adelaide, I've lost the habit. I bought a whole stack of new archaeology books (yes, expensive, but I justify buying new for my profession), and I'm slowly slogging through them. Sometimes my leisure reading now feels like work, so when I get back to Adelaide I'm going to the library to pick up some lightweight fiction.

    Yours with words,
    Ms. Dig.


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