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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Teddy Love

Today I took Dolly out to the yearly Teddy Bears Picnic.

Before Dolly and I headed out we were pushed for time as we went out and watered our garden plot and then took our Parisian guests out to meet my mum for a BBQ breakfast of bacon & eggs and champagne at the sea's edge all by 9:30am.

I was unprepared and I had a hungry Dolly and a rumbling belly by 9:35am. So I stopped at a bakery on the way to the picnic to purchase ham and cheese croissants and cold drinks for us. I thought they would be cheaper then the food on sale at the event. I stuffed them in our basket with the teddy bears and blanket and quickly headed to our destination as we were already running late.

I had totally forgotten how great and inclusive of all families the event is! You don't need money to attend the Darwin Teddy Bears Picnic as nearly everything is FREE.

Children Get Free:

  • sausages on bread, 
  • cordial, 
  • bottles of water, 
  • balloons, 
  • a Teddy Bears Picnic cup, 
  • a packet of Teddy Bear Biscuits, 
  • science activities, 
  • arts and crafts activities, 
  • performances, 
  • disco,
  • and importantly care for Bears at the various Bear Hospitals. 

Dolly and Friend, Crafting With Love Hearts
It's so cool that events like this give all families the opportunity to give their children a wonderful day without having to empty their pockets of money.

However I spent $13 at the Bakery due to being over committed and disorganised. But I didn't need to, as the Teddy Bears Picnic had everything my daughter needed plus more. She had a wonderful time with friends, created some art and had a dance. After the event we had other activities planned but my little Dolly asked to spend the rest of the day at home. And her message was loud and clear to me - she needed some time our from our busy lives to just play calmly at home with her toys and her Papa The Rambling Expat, which she did.

Does your home town offer any great free activities too?

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  1. We went to a Teddy bears picnic recently, bring your own food but activities for kids were provided. Unfortunatley it rained so bad and was a complete washout. What fabulous goodies at your picnic. It sounds great


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