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Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Saturday Op Shop Finds

Hi I'm back after a very busy 2 weeks. I've spent money on a little junk food, a big purchase (new mobile iphone G3) and some local art for Dolly. I haven't fully restrained myself but I've been good-ish. I had a little splurge at the op shops and purchased $9.50 of goodies.

I'm easing back into blogging by showing you what I purchased second hand today at my two local op shops.

A Lovely Babushka (4 Nesting Dolls) for Dolly's collection: $3.00

3 Home styling magazines for me .50 cents each: $1.50 - Out of date, but magazines I enjoy when I need a bit of mindless relaxation.

A candle stand (?) which we will revamp as a bangles stand: $2.00

A large Marta Mikey Lead Free candle (80hrs burning time) for a Birthday gift: $4.00 - I've no idea how much these cost new - hope I got a bargain. It's looks nice and smells nice, it's my poor photo quality that makes the candle look worn out.

And because I've made a New Decluttering rule for myself; these university readings will leave my home on Monday.

My new rule is: Whatever new stuff comes into our home the equivalent size - plus some must leave our home. So I listed my old Community Development university readings on Freecycle and a lady studying Community Development is coming on Monday to pick them up, which I'm thrilled about as I think she will enjoy them and find them useful. Since we have been cleaning most nights for 30/40 minutes I'm becoming a little more house proud and ready to rid of more and more stuff.

Do you make any rules for yourself about how you manage your stuff or declutter?


  1. I have three delightful children and I do de-clutter occasionally but I still manage to accumulate more stuff from somewhere! We will soon, hopefuly, be having our loft converted into a playromm so I will be doing major de-cluttering then!!! I think I have kept all the kids birthday card and my oldest is 12!!! So I may have to be ruthless!!! Love your blog!!

    Love Nat xx

  2. I'm in a constant state of decluttering. I wish I had some rules to follow, but I'm just so unorganized!

    That nice candle looks like it was a good deal. My son's school just had a fundraiser selling Yankee Candles and I paid $24 for a candle about the size of your Marta Mikey. Not a good deal, I know, but it was to raise money for the school. Candles make awesome gifts, too!

  3. well done. i have been decluttering as well. taken loads of stuff to the dump, charity shop and recycling. feels so much better. that is a good rule about getting rid of the same amount of stuff.

  4. Good on you! I try to keep our public spaces clear-ish most of the time but tackle bedrooms and cupboards every season change. It helps me know what I need to make or buy for the kids wardrobes and give away what we don't need anymore. Pantry I do every three months and take into work any food stuffs that will definately not be used and someone will take it home for themselves. In our office we all do it.

    I love the candle, and my daughter would off gone ape over the nesting dolls.

  5. Last year, I was getting rid of my overabundance of books brought on by hanging out with a guy who could spend hours plundering through books. I talked to his mother who said there is only a path to his bed because the rest of his bedroom is stacked with books. He took her family photos her art and her books from the living room in her house and replaced them with his books because no more would go into the bedroom. He bought. So, I joined in and bought and bought. I got rid of books that were in the boxes we brought them home in.

    I got rid of classics like Romeo and Juliet and kept Lice, fleas, and flies (or mice) in History. I can find the former when I want it but probably never the latter.

    The rule? Ten books each day had to leave my house. How many did I get rid of?....tada...800 books...sold or donated.

    Now, I am going through the rest of my books. So far, I have found about two dozen to sell, none to donate.

    Buying? Today, I bought 25 greeting cards with envelopes plus another 50 envelopes for $1.

    Since I sit in an easy chair with my laptop, sit all scrunched down, and cannot sit up without hurting my back, I gave my very nice computer chair to exbf who is nice enough to help me since I cannot do many things for myself until back and knee surgery. The executive chair is just here, serving no purpose and he has no chair for his computer.

  6. I too love mindless reading and i also find outdated mags in op shops, why not give them another life :)
    I really have to be inspired to declutter and i am always looking for ways i can be more organised. So far i wouldn't say i have a plan of action but i try. You might just have inspired me again. Cheers

  7. I love how decluttering posts gets people commenting.

    Many of us must have issues with our clutter. Do you think the super rich also have clutter or is it just us, because there is always the risk of "What if I need it tomorrow!"


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