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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday Op Shop Finds

Of course being the op shopper addict I am, I went for a quick 15 minute look in my local today for some quick thrifting. I'm searching for something in particular but have had no luck so far. Today is still one of those unlucky days. However I did find these other goodies.

This is what I got:

  • Blue with Butterflies High Neck Sleeveless Dress (for Dolly) - $2.00
  • 1 new packet of A4 brown card paper (12 sheets) (for crafting) - .50 cents
  • 1 new packet of A4 blue card paper (12 sheets) (for a gift project) - 50 cents.
  • 1 new packet of 5 sheets of pink tissue paper (was for a gift project but Dolly really wanted it) - 50 cents.
  • 1 new packet of 3 handmade butterflies for crafts (for a gift project)- .50 cents
  • Brand new cotton baby shoes - very sweet, (for gifting) - $2.00
  • Beautifully illustrated book about roses (couldn't leave it - for crafting, gifting or enjoying) - .50 cents
  • Fiction book for my bedtime relaxation - .50 cents
  • Super fun and interesting book on Shoes (for gifting - I have my own copy) - $2.00
Mixed Lot Of Lovely Finds And Useful Find.

Total spent $9.00

And of course I followed with my new rule any new stuff means old stuff of the same quantity or bigger has to go. So this is what is leaving our home tomorrow.

  • Some of Dolly's outgrown playing clothes for a toddler we love.
  • 2 University readings on Conflict Resolution for a friend who is studying to be a mediator.
  • 3 books for people at our garden plots working bee tomorrow and if no takers they will go to the free bookshelf at work or maybe Bookcrossed.
Mixed Lot To Go.
It's been a busy week and I have lots to talk about, so I'm going to try and post regularly this coming week. Plus I have My Memories Suite Software Giveaway starting tomorrow, so please pop back.

Did you buy any random second hand goodies this week? Or did you get anything off the side of the road? It's the yearly hard rubbish collection here tomorrow and there is some amazing stuff thrown out. I just don't get why people don't give to the op shop. One of my neighbours found a broken Burmese Teak chair he is going to restore. The amazing and expensive wood was just there, waiting to be placed into landfill. Why why why why why....


  1. People are unskilled, lazy, uninformed about waste, or just think broken/repaired things are not their cup of tea. Look on my blog today for some of the items I have gotten in yard sales over a few weeks this summer.When these things came in, well, okay, when they were photographed, more items than in the photo went out.

  2. Shoes book looks interesting?? not seen that before! I found a couple of treasures this week, unintentionally, a few clothes to refashion, and a big glass bottle for 30c which I am using as a flower vase.

  3. Love your op shop finds. Just brilliant.

    And also your rule of 1 in 1 out!

    If only we could all swap or recycle, appreciate and be content.

    Sft x


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