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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Free Fridge From Freecycle

Our Snake Bean Community Garden group is looking at getting chickens very soon and also swapping produce with each other. As many of us garden at different times of the day and week some of us rarely (if ever), see each other. So we discussed trying to find an old fridge from somewhere - anywhere as to store eggs to buy, fresh produce to swap and stock fundraising sell-ables.

As all good things tend to come my way when I keep my mind and eyes open that is just what I did. Oooh Lucky Lucky me, I spotted a giveaway fridge on Freecycle within days of the group's discussions. So I emailed the lovely Lyell (Thank you) and was thrilled to be the lucky recipient. And even more lucky... The fridge was just a 3 minute drive from the garden so 2 of the staff headed out to collect it, as there is no way it would fit in my little city car.

Cleaning Racks and Compartments - Dolly Eating Malabar Spinach.

Today being Sunday, Dolly and I went to the garden with our eco cleaning products (bicarb, vinegar, eucalyptus oil, water and old rags). We cleaned it thoroughly and now have a gleaming working fridge waiting for it's 1st lot of goodies. Can't wait for the other gardeners to see it, another happy jiggy dance :-)

Will Be Loved By Many - Not Destined For Landfill.
Waiting to be Filled with fresh Produce.

I love Freecycle it keeps stuff out of landfill and allows you to take and give from like minded people. Tomorrow I'm giving away Dolly's porta-cot to a Freecycler. I've had an amazing week with lots of really good happenings, have a couple of Giveaways in the pipeline and have lots and lots to tell you. But for now I'm signing off and off to bed. Goodnight :-)

Did anything good happen to you this week?


  1. This week, I gave away Arabella, my new kitty. Read all about it on my blog.

    That is the skinniest refrigerator I have ever seen. This is not a criticism, just marvelling. You have a place at the garden to plug it in?

  2. Hi Practical Parsimony,
    We have a house near our garden called the Eco House - it's used as a facility for training and workshops for various community groups. Downstairs we have a large locked room where we keep the tools and gardening equipment. We also each have a small shelf area to keep some of our personal stuff. It's great.

  3. Lots of good financial news this week and we have had almost a spend free weekend-just finding contentment at our little country cottage.

    Great news on the fridge!

    Sft x

  4. I found brand new door knobs to finish off my French doors at a carboot sale this morning. They cost 50p each, whereas in the shops similar ones are £8 each - way out of my price range. I knew I would find something suitable if I waited long enough! I also donated lots more stuff to the charity shop. Definitely a week when more left the house than came into it, and that feels good.

  5. That sounds like a great setup. Have you ever posted about how this started, ownership of garden and house, how long this has been going, and other details I probably have not thought of yet?

  6. Hi Practical Parsimony,
    Our Community Garden is part of the Botanical Gardens. The house doesn't really "belong" to us. It belongs to the Botanical Gardens but we have access to it. We hold our monthly meetings under the house, garden around it and keep our gardening stuff in the locked room. We have a bookshelf in the house with books on gardening, self sufficiency, ecology, green cleaning and the likes. We can't take them home but we can sit and enjoy reading them on the premises.

  7. A fab find! You have definately been rewarded for keeping your eyes open.

  8. I gave away a fridge on freecycle once, it is awesome, would have been a pain to get rid of and was picked up very eagerly. Got some great fowlers jars this year Sounds like a great community.


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