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Friday, November 18, 2011

Oh Obama, Please Don't Come Again.

Hi there everyone. I have been back for a week but have been so tired everyday after work that I have gone to bed with Dolly and slept 11 hours most nights. I have a blocked ear and feel like I'm on a boat trying to hold onto my balance. I catch myself swaying when I'm standing a little like person on too much champagne.

Our big 2 years plus, project at work, came to a head this week as we rolled out new data systems. We have been busy teaching people how to use it and learning at the same time. I feel that our stress and frayed tempers has eased and happiness is swirling the air again. It's been a huge learning curve for me and my brain feels overloaded as I try to retain so much IT and database processes.

Yesterday our small city was visited by the Leader of the "Free World" (USA - Obama). The day before he arrived for his 2 hour visit on his way to Bali, our city began to remove our own freedom with blocked roads and preparations with 190 police on the job. They barricaded the area where Obama would lay a wreath and covered the the fencing with black plastic so no one would be able to see, except for the live TV coverage. Some people were unable to go home for a couple of hours due to all the extra security.

Here is my office window pic of Airforce 1, Arriving.
Landed. Within minutes he was in the City Centre. No baggage waiting for him.
I'm not out to offend any of my readers but personally I think it was all way over the top. I've never ever seen anything like it in our city and our Prime Minister certainly does not receive the same fuss when she visits. Obama also had the population excited over his visit in real celebrity style. It was like a virus had swept through and infected everyone with Obamamania. Here is my 2 favourite local Bakery ladies getting in on the Obama action.

The press has told us Obama said he will be back for a longer visit with his family. And I only hope not. Our city and lives were disrupted for 2 days for a 2 hour visit. I can only imagine a massive disruption if he heads to our city again with family in tow. I feel nothing against Obama, but the mayhem and control over people that follows him is just not pleasant in my busy private frugal world.

On a Happy Note the winner of my magazine giveaway is Blogger "Saving For Travel". I used Radom.org. SFT, please email me your address so I can post your Australian Geographic Mag with our lovely Kakadu region. Maybe Africa will be off the cards and Darwin will be your new focus ;-)

Speak to you all tomorrow. I have lotttttttsssss of blog reading to catch up on.


  1. Fairy from Organised CastleNovember 18, 2011 at 3:32 AM

    We have started planning our next holiday which will hopefully be to NT next year - probably July/August. We are thinking fly to Darwin for a few days (promise we won't disrupt your lives)! Then a few days at Kakadu and also Litchfield NPs. Then Ghan to Alice Springs and a 4WD tour of the surrounding sights. Fly to Adelaide for brief visit to family then fly home. The itinerary is very rough at the moment but if you have any suggestions I would love to hear.

  2. Can't wait to see you and show you around my city.

    I have LOTS of frugal ideas for you!

  3. Not sure if he was invited to Darwin. However he came to announce 2500 USA soldiers to be based in Darwin to train on 6 month rotations.

    Also USA will keep items for humanitarian relief here for the Pacific area, as we are so close to areas that may need help (global warming/rising waters and the likes I imagine).

    He was in Canberra and on the way to Bali. Bali is just off Darwin - a 2 hr flight. Most planes stop to fuel up - so maybe they needed to stop for fuel anyway....

  4. So glad things are more stress-free at your job now!

    I can understand your frustration about the big O's visit to your city. No offense taken :-)

  5. It really was "rock star" media coverage wasn't it? I think it was channel 7 that stopped programming just so they could cross to Air Force One landing!

  6. Have a nice weekend and plenty of rest.

  7. Understand the frustration - it would be interesting to know though whether it was the NT government reaction to the visit to lockdown the city, or the request from the US government.

    Ultimately, not the man's fault that there was the over reaction.

  8. Hi Lisa,
    Certainly did feel like a super star was in town.

    Hi Miss Piggy Bank,
    It was disruptive. As our usual routine couldn't be followed I opted to catch a bus to work early instead of taking Dolly to school with the Rambling Expat. Buses ran FREE that day due to the lack of space available in the city.

    Hi Kate,
    It was a White House decision. Our NT government apparently wanted him to meet and greet the people but the White House said it wasn't a public visit.

  9. A friend recommend this lovely blog to me, was super excited to come across another Darwin blogger. Hope you have a wonderful week


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