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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Op Shopping For My Daughters Gifts

In the past 2 weeks I have op shopped but not purchased much as I have tightened my belt.

However I am buying a few gifts for Dolly's Christmas present. I'm not into Christmas but I really don't want her to feel she's missing out when all her friends are being treated to lovely gifts. She is soooo excited about Santa, so I need to make an extra effort. I will organise Santa to leave 1 "new" toy such as Rapunzel or something similar which I know she will adore.

This is what I have found for her which will be part of the gift from me. A spend of $8.25.

$$$ Break Down of Stash:
  • Charlie and Lola book $2.00
  • Katie Meets the Impressionists Book .25c
  • Plastic snap together toys to create creatures. $2.00
  • Ceramic bath tub for her doll house (This was a candle which I removed) $2.00
  • 2 handmade ceramic plates from Thailand to add to her tea set $2.00
I'm trying to keep it eco frugal by buying local second hand wherever possible. It's hard at this time of year. There is a lot of psychological tactics employed by shops and it's hard to not get sucked in. What about you? Are all or some of your Christmas items secondhand too? Do you find it hard at this time of year to being frugal or even eco, due to the mayhem of parties every couple of days?


  1. Hi from the UK. Just wanted to say my daughter is 15 now and I've raised my two kids as a single parent for 11 years. I can honestly say my daughter and I have really enjoyed our charity shopping together over the years and now she finds better bargains than me. Please don't feel bad or unsure you can find some wonderful prezzies second hand. As for fitting in my daughters pals now seek her thrifty knowledge and know how . You're giving her the best gift of all , the gift of creativity. Best wishes, Jules, Nottingham UK

  2. The majority of gifts I have bought for Christmas are secondhand. I have chosen them with care , and know that the recipients will love them. My family are aware that I buy some things secondhand and are fine with it. So long as they love the gift it doesn't really matter if someone has owned it before.I don't feel under any pressure to spend lots of money, and don't want anyone else to feel that way either. My mum doesn't seem to understand though. I was shopping with her a few weeks ago and chose my gift which cost £4. She wanted to just buy it for me for no reason - I insisted it was perfect as a Christmas gift , but she doesn't think it's enough.

  3. Hi,

    I try and buy as many 2nd hand as i can and have down really well this year.

    Most presents were purchased during the course of the year, whenever I felt the consumer itch!

    I only like to shop in Charity (op) shops, I get so excited about what I may find. Very sad :)

    Sft x

  4. I try to make some of my gifts and from recycled items i have collected through the year. I have been slack saving my bundles of newspapers to wrap my gifts in. I have already been caught up in the whirlwind of Christmas and have already been a consumer of new gifts.

  5. I think its wonderful you managed to get some of Dollys gifts from the op shop. I am sure she will love them, the little tea set plates are really cute.

    I have to admit that I let my guard down a little with my frugality and eco-ness at Christmas time. Christmas frustrates me, I don't really like the consumer side of it at all, but, like you, I don't want my son to feel like he is missing out.

    He is so excited about Santa this year. I have given in this year, and bought a new toy online, because I couldn't find what he wanted second hand. Whilst I have handmade around half of my gifts this year, I have also bought a few things new, such as a specific childrens book - which I couldn't find second hand..

  6. Dolly will love those gifts!! Amelia is a Charlie & Lola fan too.

    At Christmas 90% of the gifts we give are homemade, some from new and some from secondhand materials. However when it comes to the kids I mainly buy new things as what they have on their lists are not in the secondhand shops we have, though I do not buy "filler" presents, just some of the list. Thankfully the list is usually half a dozen things. I did buy my son a preowned Xbox game as they are just as good. We are right into Christmas and I just love the festive time of year.

  7. My grandson (6) is getting four old, tiny airplanes in excellent condition from a yard sale and $1 pair of house shoes (sale). G-daughter (4) is getting doll clothes I made and sweater marked down to $1 this summer. Grandson (16) is getting iTunes card gotten with Swagbucks. G-daughter (10) is getting clothes bought on sale last January. DIL gets stationery from yard sale, so will daughter. Son gets Auburn University car tag bought for $5 from Lions Club (charity). That's it for Xmas presents--$25 for 7 people. Have not gotten other daughter's gift.


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