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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I've been sick - still

2011 has been my year of being sick. End of 2010 and beginning of 2011 I coughed my way through each day, feeling exhausted and no real energy or zest for life. Then I discovered I had whooping cough. Before I knew what it was I gave it to friend in France whilst holidaying (coucou Florence). Now that was one present that didn't need gift wrapping.

Recently nearly everyone in the small tight knit team I work in has been sick with a cold, so of course I caught it to. Over the weekend I was feeling better and ready to start a new week fresh and reving to go, but Sunday night I had a sore throat and by Monday midday was coughing at work. So yes, lucky me caught a second cold here in the tropics within 4 weeks. By Monday night the dry coughing was so bad I couldn't sleep and thought "oh no here we go again - it's whooping cough." But luckily it's not. It's viral and I'm off work for the rest of the week, in our small flat, lethargic, coughing and have the aircond on full ball in my misery. (My power bill will skyrocket).

My head has been pounding, my teeth are clenched, my chest is sore from the coughing and I am sick of being sick. 2011 has been the worst year ever in my life, healthwise. So this tells me changes need to be made. When I get better this week and I get to the supermarket and garden, I will be increasing our families intake of raw fruit, vegetables and herbal tea. I am also increasing my physical activity. I have expanded greatly in the past 3 years sitting at a desk job and my body has told me enough is enough.

Todays doctors bill cost me a whoping $70 and $20 for medication. I think I will get about $40 back on my medical expenses from the Government body Medicare. Being sick costs money, happiness and time. So I aim to get myself in better health starting right now. Preventative is better then a cure.

How about you? Healthy or in need of a lifestyle haul?


  1. Think I'm starting with a cold. Like you it starts with a sore throat and progresses from there. Take care of yourself and I hope you feel a lot better soon x

  2. Oh no! Sorry to hear that. Hope you're feeling better soon. I've heard hot water and honey helps a lot of cold/flu type symptoms. Maybe give it a try? Coughing is the worst though! :(

  3. I coughed so hard and for so long that I was throwing up. I thought I was going to die, wished I would, but was afraid I would not. Someone online told me to put Vicks Salve on the soles of my feet at night and put on socks. It was like a miracle. As soon as I put the socks on, I lay down and never coughed again all night. Take some guiaifenesin (sp?) for congestion and you will be like new. That is otc here in the US. Let me know if you use the Vicks and the result.

    If you read my blog much, you may have caught my health problems--torn rotator cuff, torn meniscus, last vertebrae sitting on bone, L5 out of place and two herniated discs. However, the only med I have to take is pill because the thyroid has slowed. Otherwise, for being 65, I have none of the other dreaded diseases or 'conditions.'

    I get so many sinus and bronchial problems.

  4. I am so sorry you have been feeling down so much this year. we did have whooping cough, and I found it took so long to get over. I am always thinking of how I can get more veggies into our diet, and also lots of exercise - walking is great.

  5. Sickness has been rife here as well lately, one no sooner gets over something and someone else gets something! Grrr. Hope you are feeling better soon

  6. Thanks everyone. Tonight is my daughters preschool concert. I'm supposed to bring something to eat and I am just not up to it. So it might be 3 pizzas from Dominos. It's going to be really hard dragging myself there as I am really tired.

  7. Yep, lots of sickness in our house too, so very hard. Hope you're back to full health prompto


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