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Sunday, December 11, 2011

On The Mend and We Did Lots

Today was like a new me. So much better. Still a little trembly but nothing compared to last night. This is a long post of all the lovely things we did today.

Once Dolly arrived home this morning we headed to a FREE Christmas Family Fun Day. Dolly crafted at 2 of the tables from many on offer, sang christmas songs and met Santa. She didn't want to rock climb, go on the jumping castle or have her face painted which was unusual, but she may have been jittery from last nights fright. (The Rambling Expat has photos so I will add these tomorrow).

We then headed to the dreadful Spotlight where I spent money on new stuff which will help me use old stuff. I purchased pinking shears for sewing and mod podge for my earrings, magnets and other projects. I also purchased plastic storage boxes for our beads and other treasures. These I ahhhed and ummed about, for ages - however I purchased them as we currently use a million different bowls, tins and jars. I just want it in one easy area for Dolly's items and another for me in the aim to reduce chaos and clutter.

Dolly's Storage Box.

1 large box for Dolly and 2 small ones for myself. I now regret not getting the same one as Dolly as her compartments can be extended while mine can't. We started to fill them and I was able to empty 3 containers to relocate our goodies. Nearly all items are sourced from hand me downs (Dolly has a huge pile of 70's plastic beads in her box), op shop beads and broken jewellery, bottle tops and soft drink tabs from neighbours, buttons from old clothes and the list goes on. The only new item in Dolly's box is some pink wire and the only new item in mine is some of the earring hooks. Even my new in packet items were sourced from neighbours leaving town and op shops.

Started to fill her up with all of Dolly's treasures to craft.
My Box is half the size of Dolly's.
Sweetest Op Shopped Creatures. Dolly's Butterfly 10 cents, My Ceramic Owl .50 cents. 

After our quick shop we spent the afternoon at home on the couch sewing little rose petal sachets from chopped up old clothing, fabric scraps and a vintage sheet. I purchased the rose petals in a organic health shop a few weeks ago. I wanted lavender but the price was too high so opted for the much cheaper rose petals. They are used for cooking and teas, but crafting is an option too. I mixed 5 drops of geranium oil to intensify the aromas. This is what we made for someone special to Dolly (not saying in case she reads our blog).

60's, 70's, 2000 and 2010's Fabric. Pinking Shears Tested :-)
Pretty Pressie Ready to Give. Cost $3.20 - Time 2 hours with Dolly.

One Extra For Another Gift.

Our funky party animal neighbour Jacinta turned 50 last week. She likes to live loud, wears bright op shopped clothes and isn't scared of creative types. So we also made one rose petal sachet, added a earring stand and a pair of earrings for her. Dolly was so proud giving these home made gifts. Costs: Rose Petal Sachet .80 cents, earring stand $1.50, earrings .60 cents = Total $2.90, pretty cool on the pocket and not too hard on our time as it's so much fun making these items.

Jacinta's Pretty Gift Cost $2.90
And that was our day. As you see I'm on the mend. We kept our meals very simple. Lunch was tinned tuna sandwiches and fruit. Dinner was rice and fish fingers bringing out the kid in the 3 of us. Tomorrow will be a new day and lots of veggies for dinner.

Oh - And I decluttered by Offering on Freecycle, lovely Nadia picked up a milk crate of clothing, hand bags and other bits and bobs to rummage through. I also gave away to another Freecycler a long warm vintage camel hair and wool coat from my Melbourne days. I've been here in the tropics 7 years so it was time for it to go.

Did you enjoy your day today?


  1. Yes we had a lovely day here as well. Got on top of some housework so everything is fresh and lovely for the week ahead. I love this pouches what a lovely idea. Where is the organic health shop that you speak of? I wouldn't mind making a few of these as well. Glad to hear you are feeling better

  2. So glad you're back to your old self and had a wonderful day.

    You sound so organised. Very inspiring.

    Sft x

  3. So glad you're feeling better!

    Jealous of your boxes. I am up to my eyeballs in random half-finished Christmas stuff! I have covered half my floor in boxes of fabric, gifts, decorations and half-started projects! Send help!!

    Those sachets are fab! Rose is more unique too, lavender's been done! :D

  4. Suggesting growing your own lavendar was on my mind, but I don't think it grows in warm places. Maybe I am wrong. Growing something for sachet scents might be a good project. Maybe not...lol.

    Dolly probably knew she could not handle the excitement of the things she did not want to do. Besides, all of those would take her away from you. Well, the face-painting would put her close to someone else.

    At the end of my allergy to pain med day and half the next day, I felt jittery. Strange that we both had the same jittery feeling but different allergies to meds.

    I have one empty retail-bought box with dividers. Then, at a yard sale I found two boxes full of beads and things for only $1 apiece. I was walking on a cloud when I left that yard sale!

  5. Hi Rhianna, The organic health food shop is in Rapid Creek Shops where the Sunday market is.

    SFT - I am the most disorganised person in the world. My home always looks like a bomb hit it. But I push stuff aside and do all the fun stuff. Housekeeping is the vey last thing on my list to do and only gets done when it's so embarrassing I can't live with it anymore. I have so much clutter (hoarder and accepter of everything) and we live in a small apartment with limited storage space.

    Bryallen - if only we were closer we could make a mess together.

    Hi Practical Parsimony, Lets hope we don't get reactions again. Lavender doesn't grow int he tropics but I want to try drying lemon grass and mint in the future to give it a tropical twist on the sachets. I also read a recipe with lemon peel, eucalyptus leaves and sand for sachets which I would like to try over the holidays maybe.


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