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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

1st Day of School Ends With Barramundi

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for all your visits and lovely comments.

Dolly was sooooo excited this morning going to big school. She squealed with excitement at seeing all her old friends. One of her favourite BOYS who she's in LOVE with came running up yelling out her name. Once they were together to shy to hug, he asked her boldly "Did You Miss Me?" She went coy and didn't answer - so me - the big embarrassing mama that I am, said "She sure did, everyday and she still LOVES you!" Dolly quickly hid herself under my shirt. Oh sweet young crushes at the love weary age of 4!

After work I arrived home to cooked Barramundi Fish baked in the oven with limes and basil (Freshly caught on Sunday). When I tasted it, it was very sweet. We then realised the Rambling Expat had also added mandarins in error instead of just limes. Creative gourmet style :-)  We ate well. Once the large baked fish was cool I pulled it all apart to save all the left over flesh. I hate the sticky icky job of picking it apart, bone by bone, skin and scales, however the end result is lovely versatile fish flesh ready to be used in various meals.

Barramundi - We all love it in our home.

What do you do with left over fish? Any interesting, easy to make, inexpensive meals to recommend?


  1. Due to my husband detesting fish/seafood in all forms I only cook what we will use as we have it when he is away for dinner! Plus having a 14 yo boy leftovers are a rare thing in this house!

    I am so glad Dolly's first day went well - how sweet are they at that age!

  2. I love fresh fish! We eat it so rarely because we never go fishing these days and I hate any seafood that is caught and sits on ice for a day or so before being bought into shore.

    So because I eat fish so rarely, I have no recipes to suggest. I am not much help really!

  3. Yummy , Love any form of fresh seafood and its even better when you catch it yourself.... i usually cook fish in alfoil parcels and any leftovers are eaten cold. Pretty boring i know but sometimes i think simple is best!

  4. What about thai fish cakes? They would be yummy with barra

  5. The only fresh fish is what I buy and it is usually perfect portions for the 2 of us so fush leftovers are rare here. However, a couple of years ago at Christmas we had whole poached salmon (to die for). I did 3 fish as I was catering for all the family and there was significant leftovers. I shredded the flesh and made patties. I normally make patties using tinned tuna but these were beautiful.

    I will post the recipe on my blog tonight for 'Friday Favourites'. Please pop in and check it out.

  6. Eating seafood gets more tastier if the creature you have coocked has been cought by yourself.


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