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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bartering in the UK

John Durrant founder of UK based Bartering site Favabank commented on my Bartering Post. Since I have a high number of UK based readers I thought I should share his website with you. I'm all in favour of promoting sites I think are good for people.

Currently it's in testing phase however it will be launched soon. So become a member, give it a run/test and when it launches start bartering for Fava points that you can spend on services and goods you need/want.

I love the cashless economy where money stays in the small persons pocket and not lining the big corporations coffers. It helps with family budgets and getting over some of the struggles of unemployment many have been facing.

Thank you for the bartering comments on my last post. They were interesting and made me think of a few other ways I can barter with friends, family and strangers too. Keep on bartering and let me know your successes and fails too as we can all learn from each other.


  1. Do you remember the post,Jamming with Sasquatch?


    I took all my canning equipment to my friend's house and taught him how to make jam while I was going to use his super-duper scanner to scan all my pictures. That's the kind of trade I do. But, I am not averse to trading with people I don't know.

    In the US there is a thriving group of barters, forgot the name of the group.

  2. Morning
    I have just joined,no one locally to me is in it.I agree with the basics of it but my OH is a sole trader and struggling so we cant afford to have too many people keeping their hands in their pockets.
    Thanks for finding this

    1. I can't imagine there are many people local to me on there but I'll have to check it out! I guess by helping people out I barter a little already. I proof read The Boyfriend's work, he fixes something I've broken, haha!

  3. Thanks for posting this, an unexpected surprise and much appreciated.

    We've been testing through 2011 and the system works as it should, we just have a few more tweaks and a little tidying up to do before we officially launch, hopefully attracting the attention of some of the UK press to help to recruit new members across the UK. Once launched, the plan is to create a cooperative which would give members the opportunity to directly influence the way that Favabank is run with the hope that we can create a positive culture of sharing and exchanging...

    All the best with your wonderful blog...


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