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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Keep Me Rich, Keep Me In Butter

The Rambling Expat went curvet fishing so Dolly and I played with cream.

Dolly LOVES butter but HATES cream, so I showed her how to make beautiful rich butter in 15 minutes with half a small pot of full cream and 2 marbles.

Mmmmm - Who Ate The Butter!? Half Gone In A Flash.

We placed 2 clean marbles in half a pot of cream (plastic pot). And then we shook vigorously, counting for fun and taking turns when our arms were tired.

The cream got whipped and then it changed colour and separated. We emptied the buttermilk out and shook again. Emptied more buttermilk and rinsed our butter with water. We spooned it into our smallest Pyrex bowl and gently folded in a little grinded rock salt. We then placed it in the fridge to harden.

We've had it on toast, we've had it on potato. It is delicious and a great way to use up cream purchased at bargain prices. Also it's a fun and fascinating activity for children.

Are you ready to make some butter just for fun? Go on have a go and spread it thick!!!


  1. Glad your still there I didnt have one Australian visit in 24 hours.

  2. Hi Cathy, I try to only hop on once a day. It's just past midnight here.. Your my only Israel visitor :-)

  3. What a brilliant idea! Can't wait to try it. Thanks Jules Uk

  4. This looks brilliant fun! Definitely try it next time we see some reduced price cream.

    Sft x

  5. We are home churned butter users here as well. Although we cheat and chuck it in an appliance. I do actually have a vintage butter churn, one of the old wooden ones with a crank handle that these days is purely for decoration. But with the way of the world it may one day be put use again.

  6. That looks great! I'm going to try it with my pre school class one day, they'll love it, did it take a long time?

  7. Hi Jules, thanks for popping by. It's a funlittle project when you need to entertain yourself.. Or show of :-)

    SFT, cream is often heavily discounted and this allows you to turn it into butter and freeze for up to 3 months making a saving. You can use your beater too. This is just easier and "funner" with a small child.

    Hi Daffodil, My mum grew up having to churn her families butter. Hard job in the cold winter for a little kid. I've never seen one. You should blog about it.

    Practical, Beautiful home made butter on mash and gravy.

    Astra, It only took us 15 minutes. My daughter is 4 (nearly 5) so this is good for attention span of excited small kids. With a quick result. Make it in the earlier part of the preschool session and eat it 30 minutes latter on something scrummy for morning tea. If you use it all straight away you don't need to rinse the butter in cold water. I believe that's to remove buttermilk residue to prevent it going rancid.

  8. Hi Frugal D U, butter is getting rather expensive over here in the UK so I think I shall try your homemade butter from a pot of cream and weigh the butter and work out if it's cheaper to make my own in future.

    I've started a new blog and finished with the old one you followed. I'm now at http://useitup-karen.blogspot.com/

  9. It is so much fun doing this, Miss L did it for science last year and then we did it at home as well

  10. Hi Karen, Tell s how you go. If it's a saving or not.

    Rhianna, that sounds like a fun science class!


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