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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Local Produce

I went to the Rapid Creek Markets, to see what people are harvesting at this time of year to gain ideas for my garden plot and also to purchase good local produce with low eco miles.

This is my purchased fruits which is coming out of my usual weekly $100 grocery budget.

Total Cost: $9.50

Limes: $2.00
Chinese Plums: $2.50
Mandarins: $2.00
Dragon Fruit: $3.00

Sorry for the poor pic - I used The Rambling Expats camera which I am not used to.

Have you been buying any local anything lately?


  1. I eat local pecans about five days a week, often seven days each week. Local honey is used maybe once each week. I bought pecans and honey last fall. Also, I buy local sweet potatoes from the farmer who grows them. Nothing else on the store shelves is local. The only market has vegetables and fruits from all over.

    Scuppernong jelly, fig preserves, and crabapple jelly, all from produce I picked is here to eat. I still have tomatoes I canned to put in soup.

    It's the dead of winter here in Alabama.

  2. Mmm, they look ace! I tried dragonfruit once but I found it to taste like a more watered down kiwi fruit. Perhaps it tastes better when it's local and not imported thousands of miles though!!

    I've definitely been eating local lately. Check out my blog for my new challenge of eating British produce only for one week. I bought lots of veg at the local food hall, which sells a lot of Cornish stuff (from my area).

  3. Wow. Dragon fruit, my favourite. I never buy in Melbourne as we pay close to $7 for the same size. I guess that is the beauty of living in the tropics :)


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