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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dont Buy Cards! Make Them!

I used to buy cards. Never the $5.95 cards, but pretty cards in boxes or from $1 racks. However you can make cards for a fraction of this. I started my adventures in card making last year with a few collaged images from vintage books. My confidence has grown to be a bit more creative as I arm myself with inspiring library books.

Dolly had a friend turning 5 in her class. So she made a pretty cupcake card to wish him a Happy Birthday over the weekend.

As for myself, one of my friends had a birthday too... a few weeks ago... and now I wanted to wish her a belated birthday with a gift voucher of my services for 2 nights of babysitting. Recognise the gold fabric? It's from this... There is so much of it!

Our cards only cost about 30 cents each to make. It doesn't take much time. You can use scraps, it's personal and it's fun. I also think it's great for Dolly's self esteem to give beautiful objects she has created.

How do you source your cards?


  1. I buy clean, NOT musty cards from yard sales. I usually can get cards for about one cent to five cents. If I get A box/stack of cards that have too few or too many envelopes, it all evens out over time. And, some cards can be put in the gift or on top, so there is no need for an envelope. I also buy stacks of envelopes from yard sales, all gift card envelopes. One time I found card for ten cents apiece that were donated to a church sale. Also, there were boxes of twelve or more cards, unopened for $1 or less. I figured all those cards at less than ten cents each.

    This past year, I found the Mother Lode of cards...all one design and around two cents apiece with cards. I think I bought 250 identical cards. The packs of ten cards in platic wrap will be gifts for some people. I will give some to daughter and dil, and will use some myself.

    My grandson graduates from high school in two years. I already have his graduation card!

    If the envelopes are stuck together, I put a couple of tblespoon of water in a cereal bowl, place the card over the bowl and microwave for about 10 seconds at a time until the glue is loose. Be prepared to restick it right away. If the sticky is gone, use the residue in and egg for glue.

    Easy peasy and cheap!

    Tell Dolly I love her homestyled cards...sounds classier than homemade cards.

  2. I never buy cards, so I never give them. I prefer a home made gift or a local sourced gift. I have often thought about making my own cards, but I was born without a crafty gene. Right now I have a bottle of blackberry vodka schnapps brewing in the back of the pantry for my dressage instructors birthday.

    The blackberries were sourced from our road frontage which is a back country lane that has not been sprayed by the council since we have owned the property.Too good an opportunity not to harvest. Hopefully we will also be able to gather enough for a few jars of jam for chrissie presents. A home made card would be a lovely finishing touch, I guess.

  3. I love the sprinkles on Dolly's cupcake card :) so cute, and I bet she had great fun making her card too.I have made some cards in the past but not as a regular thing. Card making and scrap booking are on my to do list - I have aside for doing them but as yet have not really got around to it.I'm with you on the clutter free gifts though :)

  4. Those cards are ace! I would be well chuffed if I received them! I love Dolly's cupcake icing of beads!! :) My sister makes cards. She makes it almost an expensive hobby though, buying card-making kits etc! All you need is some glue! :)

  5. Hand made cards are great. So thoughtful too. Your babysitting vouchers are a great idea

  6. My grandmother used to take the cards she received the year before, cut the half with writing off with pinking shears, leaving only the front half of the card. She'd finish the whole edge with pinking shears and then write on the back. Unfortuantely that means saving last year's cards!

    I like your idea of making cards a lot. I still have a huge stash of cards I bought on clearance after Xmas two years ago. Naturally I haven't used them.

  7. Hand made cards are great. So thoughtful too. i'll use if need handmade Gift Card envelopes.


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