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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Gift Box For $5.85

This is a gift box of goodies Dolly gave to her friend for her 5th birthday. Dolly crafted the card and assisted with some of the bag construction organisation. Dolly also guillotined the scrap booking paper into small cuter sizes.

$1.25 Box made from Rubbish & Op Shopped Calendar & Book. (I'm wearing a thrifted $1 top purchased in 2011)

The library bag and box was made op shopped items that were reused. The plastic Doll was unfortunately new from a department store but will be much love.

French Seamed Bag with Different Fabric Straps.

I Love the Pretty Floral Fabric. It's a Beautiful Quality Too.

Total Cost of the gift was $5.85
My labour was more at 7 hours, some of it fun and some of it very frustrating!

Crafted Box $1.25 (glue and bits of an op shopped calendar and book).
Crafted Library Bag $1 (piece of green op shopped fabric and a girls dress purposely purchased for fabric) (Letters are a piece of old damaged fabric needing using).
Crafted Card 10 cents (scrap paper and picture from a damaged op shopped book).
New - 10 Pieces of different Scrap Booking Papers 50 cents.
New - Doll $3 (Purchased at Christmas time for this very purpose).

I felt very satisfied putting this gift together and hope to keep building my crafted gift repertoire and skills to create from used items. This gives me eco pride and frugal satisfaction (as you can see from my face).

Have you made anything this week?


  1. Looove those bags you make! Might have to give it a go myself soon. :) Frugal pride well earned! :)

  2. Your gift box looks great. I'm sure the recipient will be thrilled with it! I've made one of 4 patchwork curtains for my kitchen. The second one is pinned up and ready to sew. All the fabric is thrifted, and I have loads of it left for other projects. 4 lined curtains are going to come in at around £5. So much cheaper and much nicer than the plastic venetian blinds I had originally considered. I've also knitted quite a lot of a cushion cover using thrifted wool - I got 30 balls of mohair for £2 at the carboot sale a couple of weeks ago so the cushion cover is going to cost literally pennies.

  3. That looks great and I'm sure it will be well appreciated, at least you can guarantee that the birthday girl won't get three more identical :) Well done to you and Dolly :)

  4. Before I even saw you had bought the top as a thrift top I thought to myself 'Love your top'

    I think dollys gift for her friend is beautiful. So much time and thought has gone into the gift which means more than just buying something off a shelf. Well done!

  5. Love that gift, the library bag is awesome with her name on it too!

  6. Thats beautiful, really great idea :)

  7. You have been tagged. Please check out my post for Friday 10th. I hope you don't mind.
    Love from Mum

  8. You are just amazing, that box is wonderful, what a gift!

    I have made the invitations for my class Friday fairytale party! I embellished them too, with little jewels and the children loved them! The party was great fun. You see you are rubbing off on me!

    I've tagged you too! BUT HAPPY FOR YOU JUST TO ACCEPT! I'll read your replies to Mum's questions!

    Sft x

  9. What a beautiful gift...one that any child would be delighted to get!!! And the shirt you are wearing is gorgeous!!! x


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