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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Fairy and a Mouse

Hello Magic Lovers,

Such excitement in our home tonight as two celebrities will be sneaking into the bedroom in the midnight hour. And so soon after Santa!!!

The only money to be spent today in my home is......  

Dolly's 1st ever visit from The Australian Tooth Fairy and The French Petite Souris (Little Mouse). She's lucky being dual nationality as it allows her to have 2 tooth loving icons visiting her pillow tonight. She has been extremely excited all day and said that this was the first time in her whole life that this has happened to her. Ahhhh she makes me laugh and smile. Such fun having a sweet 5 year old to love and she's mine mine mine.

For the Fairy and Mouse to be extra pleased with her she went to the Botanical Gardens to pick beautiful flower petals. These are now sandwiched together firmly under her pillow with a delicious filling of tooth while she sleeps with the hope that a gold coin will be in it's place when she awakes.

What tradition did you have as a child when a tooth came out? What about your child - same traditions?Please do share - I'm sure there will be funny ones with dads gulping down teeth in tall glasses of water as my Australian Grandad did in the 50s.

In Magic,

Stephanie @ Frugal Down Under.


  1. We have the tooth fairy too, although I was always confused why she left other kids £1 and I only got 50p, lol. :)

    1. The inequalities of fairy's, santa and easter bunny. Some kids get lots and some get little or nothing. I've been tying to explain these things without killing the mystery and magic.

  2. We used to leave £1 when a tooth came out bit this was questioned by my daughter later on when friends were saying they had £2, £3 , £5 etc per tooth ( I know !! ) I answered this by saying that how much you get depends how many other childrens teeth have dropped out the same day as the tooth fairy may have to share the money between 5 children or 50 . She got a bit cute though writing a letter which she left with the tooth saying that her toys teeth had also dropped out that day , alas the fairy only ever left money for her tooth though. Each tooth was put in an envelope and she would write her name , age and various messages for the tooth fairy. I have all the envelopes ( with teeth enclosed ) for a later time. Its so cute when you read them :-) On a seperate note are you French then ?

    1. I like the envelope bit - I've been wondering what to do with it now. Good idea for future teeth. Last night a of ours friend told her she would get a lot of money to purchase her much wanted iPad and we quickly nipped that in the bud and told her that actually the fairy had to share the money around with all the kids that lost their tooth yesterday. So she still has a few dollars to earn for her iPad.

  3. We have the Tooth Fairy. As kids my brother and I wrapped our tooth in tissue and put it under the rug in the living room. We got 10p for a small tooth and 50p for a large tooth. Our daughter got £1 for her small one and £2 for her large one. Once she wrote a letter to the fairy asking to see her palace. In my fanciest writing I wrote that it was not possible due to being in a special land of faries and that it wasn't visible to humans. She was a bit upset by this but has still kept the letter even though she now knows the truth.

  4. I like the little mouse idea, we have the tooth fairy, the girls write a letter to leave with the tooth. Though the first few letters are mainly a name and date. It is lovely to see how the letters grow with the child. Mind you my mother did the same for us and she is now wondering what she should do with all the teeth.

    My tooth fairies always seem to leave less than everyone else's as well.


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