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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday Night and Too Tired to Cook?

Hello Frugalites,

Is it Saturday night and you're too tired to cook? You just want to zip into that takeaway shop up the road and grab some fast food for the family? At $8 per person that would be $24 for a three person household. And just maybe you might get side tracked and buy a few extras. But hang on tight and look in your cupboard for the fast food gem. The Tin of Baked Beans!

Yep!!! Tonight I was tempted but we had a feast of baked beans and buttered bread instead. A few years ago I would have NEVER served baked beans for dinner. Why??? - because in my eyes it was a hearty breakfast meal or a camping trip staple. But Home Dinner??? No Way!!! One day I changed as I popped in on a friend who cooks the scrummiest meals, and this particular day she had baked beans with an egg on the dinner table for her hungry daughter. This was my lightbulb moment as I learnt it was ok that we eat a steaming bowl of baked beans for dinner once in a while. We all love it and it's faster then waiting in a takeaway shop.

In the end our meal cost us $2, saved time and $22. That $22 will be better used in our weekly food budget or mortgage.

What are your quick fast food saviours?

Stephanie @ Frugal Down Under.


  1. I by what we call "pork and beans" by the case. I think they are the same thing you call baked beans. I like them because I can eat them heated up out of the can with hotsauce. Or, I can have them over rice or potatoes. Quick to make, no mess, and they aren't that fattening.

    1. Hi Harry, Thanks for coming by. Bakes Beans might be a similar type food item except baked beans have no meat product. Where are you from?

  2. I guess your idea of a meal and mine are quite different. Eggs make a meal. Pies make a meal. Rice-a-Riso makes a meal. Soup makes a meal. Fried rice makes a meal. Spaghetti makes a meal. And more. Go to the library and start reading what the other half of the world eats to survive. I have eaten a take-away meal this year, but it was while we were on a holiday in another city. The one before that was three years ago. I never ever heard my mother say she was too tired or too ill to feed her family. What kind of person would be so lazy???

    1. Hi Louise, I think many mothers would say they are too tired after a busy week of work and taking their child from activity to activity - if this wasn't the case takeaway shops and cafes would not be open in every suburb. I personally do not tend to purchase pre-made products and that is why when we get home late for whatever reason we don't have a cupboard or freezer with meat pies or rice-a-riso (I don't even know what that one is). Our fast meal on a late night home is rice in the rice cooker while we prepare for bed or an omelette loaded with spinach and cheese. Currently some of our dishes are not possible as our stove top has stopped working. I am very well travelled since being a baby and know very well what other people are eating around the world. We are very lucky and mega rich in comparison with many people and I am lucky that I was born where I was born to be so privileged with abundance. This post was not about parents not feeding their children it was about not feeling up to cooking on a late night home.

  3. Woolworths Select Chunky Soups are around $2-$2.50 per can have the consistency of a stew, they taste good and come in many varieties.
    One can per person with a piece or two of bread or toast makes a good meal for lunch or dinner. Sometimes they are on special for 2 for $4.

  4. Hi Pigsmightfly, Nice hearing from you again. My Grandad used to like something similar. My problem with many of those tinned foods is the msg that is loaded in them which can be dangerous for asthmatics and a bit scary to feed my family. They call msg by so many different names it's a jungle out there :) I need to get into some bulk cooking again as soon as my stovetop is fixed and fill up my freezer as we get home from my daughters activities at about 5:30pm and it's lights out at 6:45pm for her to get the sleep she needs. A very tight ship as she's a super slow eater and there's showers, bedtime stories and all that jazz to fit in.


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