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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Op Shopping Fantastica

I LOVE op shopping (thrifting). It's frugal, it's green and the chase is thrilling.

Many people think op shopping is "dirty and gross" but everything can be cleaned in some manner and re-used. There is always so much to go through to find your gems, but there is a lot out there and many wonderfully unique pieces too. Once you start op shopping regularly you will find you get used to running your eyes along the racks quickly and finding the good stuff.

I love being able to purchase items on a small budget and feel guilt free too. I see my purchase as saving stuff from landfill and preventing the over production of new stuff.

I op shop not only because it's frugal and green, but also because I'm Rubenesque meaning clothing shops with my size are ridiculously over priced and very limiting in range. So I'm very lucky I have Op Shops around me and even though I'm in a small town I still find many gems.

So don't be shy, go and browse your local op shop. My hints are; take cash as some op shops don't use cards, take a shoulder bag to keep you arms free for the items you want to check out, look carefully for stains and holes and have fun. 

Here is what I purchased in the past 2 weeks: TOTAL PRICE $14, all items in pics below.
  • Novels in French for my partner: $2.50 for two.
  • Professional development book for myself .50cents.
  • A really cute leather headband for myself, $1.00.
  • A book I really wanted last month but refused to fork out $45 for, and there is was... Urban Eco Chic only $3.00!!! I was so EXCITED... it's a beautiful book.
Books and Headband = $7.00
My Gorgeous Book!!! = $3.00
  • Cooper Street dress with a teeny weeny burn. $2.00, purchased for sewing projects. (New Cooper Street dresses start at $159. The fabric is luxurious.)
Cooper Street Dress = $2.00
  • A white wool beret for an up coming trip to France $1.00.
  • Trial size make-up from Mary Kay $1.00 for a whole lot.
  • Sewing hooks & eyes I needed for a sewing project, Lucky me! .50 cents.
  • Salt and Pepper shaker by an Italian company $2.00.
  • Maori doll for my daughter .50 cents.
Beret, Make-up, Doll, Salt & Pepper Shakers and Eyes & Hooks = $5.00

Do you Op Shop? What have you found lately?

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  1. I love op shop too. It's help me save money before I don't like secondhand until I meet her. She teach me a lot of thing. Now I love op shop so mush.:)


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