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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday Op Shopping Finds

Hello Lovers of Thrift,

I went to my local Op shop with my 3 year old daughter and found some great goodies to feed my consumer wants and needs.

My Total Spend = $8.50.

I bought a Pumpkin Patch tracksuit for Dolly for $8.00, it's super soft and warm. This is a purchase for our trip to France. It will be so cold and winter! Due to us living in the tropics we don't own much warm clothing. I need to build up 3 sets of clothing for her. I am relying heavily on family in France to lend us other winter clothes when we arrive.

I also purchased a novel in Spanish to gift a Columbian friend for 50 cents. Bargain and unusual find.

Warm Tracksuit and Spanish Read.

My daughter Dolly also made a purchase with her own money: Total Spend $6.00

Dolly purchased a beautiful rocking unicorn for the inexpensive sum of $6.00. She should be able to flip this and get her money back once she had outgrown it.

Rock My Unicorn
I also picked up a couple books (Perfume), tops and vintage Dollies to flip on Ebay. I'll see if I have any luck.

Did you go op shopping (thrifting) recently? Any fun finds? Were they needs or wants?

In thrifty solidarity,

Stephanie @ Frugal Down Under.


  1. I went last week and found a Pocahontas Book (we had just rented the dvd) for 2$. I also bought 6 decent/unusual picture frames for 11 $ (that's why I went). I saw a really neat corner desk (which i don't need) and also a well preserved sofa for a mere 60 dollars that would be perfect for the family room. i did not buy it, out of principle and general brokeness, and i am now thinking once i have decided we should get it, it will be gone.. gotta LOVE op shops!
    ps:if you haven't, read 'perfume' before you sell it, it's a magnificent book!

  2. Thank you so much for commenting!!!
    There was a gorgeous retro 1970s couch in green yesterday at the op shop. Would look great in our home. But our current couch clicks out into a bed which is useful for couchsurfer's and HelpX's. But I can't stop thinking about it.
    I've read perfume twice already. I loved it. I lived in Paris at the time and it made Paris more exciting.

  3. Gosh, i'm coveting that green sofa. I went out last week looking for something just like that.
    No luck but managed to pick up a beautiful green typewriter for $2. Irresistable !
    Does it seem to anyone that many in recent years many opp shops are selling clothes at almost the same price that pay for at discount stores such as Supre, Dotti etc ? It might be due to staff being unaware of just how much imports have lowered the price of new wear, but may also be because charities have different charters - some run shops to provide affordable clothing to those you need it, others run them purely to finance their programs and administration. Where I live the most reasonable or generous stores tend to be run by St Vinnies or Animal Welfare. They are usually more oldschool and have more eclectic collections of brik-a-brak. And run by gorgeous nannas!
    My ideal opp shop - one run by pumpkin scone tea ladies, but selling second-hand ikea.

  4. Thanks for linking up at My Dear Trash! You are teaching Dolly some great thrifting lesson- What other little girl could buy her own Unicorn! Nice Job.


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