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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Carlos is His Name

Last night was crazy windy.

I drove The Rambling Expat to work so that he could pack up his computers, I saw fallen trees everywhere. Roads were blocked off by great big trees, power lines were tipping over and traffic lights had shifted positions causing dangerous confusion. And Cyclone Carlos hasn't even hit us yet.

This is in my street at 8am today, there was a lull and it felt safe-ish to wonder for a few minutes. Thanks to The Rambling Expat for the pics.

It was a scary windy night. But we have been lucky so far. People had trees on their homes and cars. Others needed to evacuate as their homes flooded. Others have had sewage backing up into their homes.

In the past year I have asked for the removal of all large trees too close to our side of the building. In 2010 we also had new bedroom and office windows put in at great financial cost. It was worth every cent and has left me much more relaxed. There is no way our windows would have survived last nights winds.

Here goes to another windy night and maybe a direct hit tomorrow.

Fellow Bloggers Saying Hello to Carlos:
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This one Here hasn't said Hello to him yet. She's probably busy sampling the food in the cyclone kit. Tim Tams or Kingstons???


  1. Hee hee lucky my man got to through to the shop and bought a big block of cadbury for me today ( and a carton of beer for himself! )

    Yesterday was a bit scary we had probably 10 big trees fall over 2 right next to our house and one across the driveway. Im just glad my man is home (hes supposed to fly to work in the morning - fat chance!) Anyway we feel safe here, hope you guys are OK , take care! x

  2. Wow. I think you should come to Tasmania for a wee rest. Your life has been for to interesting of late what with cyclones, floods, whooping cough and travelling- I think you need to recuperate somewhere quieter away from any events!

  3. Hi Jessiebean, I LOVE Tassie. I might just have to make it there sometime soon.

    A small rest in a tent in a beautiful National Park with the beach a skip away to play on would be wonderful.

    This whooping cough is really tiring me out. But the yard will need a big clean up today :-(

    Our banana and pawpaw trees are down. I'll now have to stock up and freeze before the prices of bananas are unreachable.

  4. Hi Melissa, Now that's it's nearly all over I'll have to finish off all the Tim Tams so it doesn't take up too much fridge space.

  5. wow, have just been catching up on your globe trotting adventures. sounds like you guys have had a wonderful time these past months. fantastic. glad to hear that you survived the bad weather.



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