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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Carlos Has Left Us.

Carlos came like a whirlwind into our lives and town and left a trail of destruction.

Those of you who saw these photo's of the 1 tree down in my local park on Wednesday morning:

May be interested to see what happened by Thursday morning.

Both magnificent trees were down as are hundreds of trees in the Northern Territory.

Many roads were blocked by fallen trees everywhere. Impressive magestic trees had fallen on roads, houses, fences and cars. Our local park will seem bare without these beautiful trees. And the play equipment has been heavily damaged too.

Carlos has been downgraded from a cyclone to a tropical low but may be picking up strength again as he makes his way across Western Australia. Western Australian waters has also has Cyclone Dianne at present to feel weak at the knees by.

All these cyclones make the heart beat faster and it's not for the love of them. But that is the price we pay for living in beautiful tropical surroundings. And as global warming increases so will the severity and frequency of cyclones in my part of the world.

Last month Cyclone Yasi damaged Australian banana farms which supply 90% of Australia's bananas. Large supermarkets have promised to not import overseas bananas as this caused further hardship to farmers after Cyclone Larry in 2006. This is a good move but also means prices will skyrocket. No problems for us... we have bananas in our communal garden.

Sadly this was our suburban backyard Thursday morning. We lost most of the banana and pawpaw trees.

Have you had crazy weather too lately?


  1. it's so sad to see all those fruiting trees blown over :(


  2. Oh no that is such a shame and makes me feel sad to see those beautiful pawpaws on the ground. Mine ususally end up like that so im very grateful they are still standing! ( and im happy to share! ;)

  3. What a terrible sight, to see all the beautiful trees destroyed. So sad.


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