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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wild Weather Soup

When Carlos left us we got on with cleaning up. While I am relieved for myself and my family that nothing happened to us and our STUFF, I know that others are suffering as they have lost and are currently loosing to wild weather and flooding.

After giving generous help to Australia in the past couple of months, New Zealand is suffering their own very scary natural disasters as an Earthquake has shook their city and taken the life of many.

I know how scared the people of Christchurch must be. As a 10 year old I experienced an Earthquake in Bali. I was asleep in a bed full of Balinese kids away from my mum as she slept alone in a hut further down the track. The whole room shook so hard. I cried and yelled out "Are we being attacked" - They not understanding what I was saying yelled out "Yes". I was so scared. My mum found me in the chaos and explained that it was an earthquake after she understood this herself.

Since having Dolly 3 years ago, natural disasters worry me more and more. I can avoid places of conflict and war but I can't prevent all other hurtful things happening. Being a mum has changed so much of me. The party girl who wanted to be in conflict and risky zones now craves safety and assurance. Gone are the days of wanting to run to war torn lands to help with my bare hands. Gone are the days of squatting in empty buildings with bad boys and guns. I just want to shield my baby from all the bad things in the world.

Instead I am determined to try and teach her resilience and action, as I feel these will help her more in an uncertain future. One book I have read to her this week to expand her understanding is Wild Weather Soup. A story about unusual weather, the hole in the ozone and turning off the gas. A light take on protecting the atmosphere perfect for my 3 year old to ease into discussions about weather and how to care for our planet.

Does the over exploitation of the planet, atmosphere and other places further afield worry you too?

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  1. Can't believe the disasters your country and New Zealand have experienced over the last few months. You live in such beautiful countries and I envy you for living in such beautiful places. Then we hear about earthquakes , floods and cyclones and I thank my lucky stars we don't have such disasters happen here in the UK. We do think of you and care when we hear about these disasters that hit you all. Take care xx


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