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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake

Our Dolly turned 4 a couple of weeks ago. The party was postponed until today due to crazy weather and other activities. We invited 5 of her special friends to a indoor playground full of small balls and slides. The cost was high but our flat is too small for a bunch of active 4 year old and the weather has been rain and more rain, putting off throwing a party in our garden or in a public park.

I am not a talented cook but was determined to try and make a wished for cake for my favourite girl. We looked at You Tube cake videos and she chose a castle, even though she is REALLY into fairies. So I combined the castle with a enchanted garden to give her a princess-fairy theme. I started mixing and baking at 10:00pm and finished decorating at 4:00am! Boy was I exhausted! And then I realised I had forgotten the towers that the cones are supposed to sit on. Ah well, that's to bad...

The cake's green base is chocolate mud cake and the castle is a butter cake. The icing I made was frustratingly hard to manage in the tropical heat. It just sled off!

Throughout the year I had kept an eye out for Fairy items for her party. I found the small tinkerbell and friends dolls at half price about 9 months ago. We had also found a New packet of Fairy party hats at an op shop for $2 but forgot them at home :-(

I purchased bowls of hot chips, chicken nuggets and cold drinks for kids and adults as I wasn't allowed to bring my own food/drinks except for the B-day cake. However I snuck in a BIG fruit bowl of nectarines, plums, pears and grapes - no one said anything.

We stayed for 2 hours instead of 1, when I went to pay.. the man was very kind and only charged 1 hour per child. So once again I was lucky and grateful.

The budget was 120$ for the party, I roughly spent $130 which includes everything. A bit over budget but my little girl who is growing up so fast was thrilled to bits.


  1. Lovely cake, I'm sre your daughter was thrilled to bits with it :)

  2. The cake looks great, any little person would love to receive that cake for their birthday. You put a lot of work into it well done.

  3. Happy Birthday to the Girl!!! I bet she loved her cake, i know what you mean with icing in this weather it just slides straight off!

  4. WOW!! That is some cake. You did a fantastic job, hoping your special girl had a happy day.

  5. Thank you to all your kind words :-)

    I think the cake is a bit ugly. But it's kind of kitchy fun. And Dolly thought it was beautiful.

    The other 3 birthday parties had supermarket bought cakes. So I felt good I had made an effort in the midnight hour.

    The magic of being a mum.


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