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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Guppies and Nappies

2 years ago someone gave me about 10 guppies to place in a pot plant that has a plant in plenty of water. It's like a little pond with happy fish that keep the mozzies down. However the fish have been too happy and have bred beyond capacity of the pot.

I was having a dilemma.. What to do.. No one I knew wanted any and I certainly did not want to kill them. But then I had the idea to place an OFFER ad on my local Freecycle and in the past week I have been able to give away about 60 Guppies. Yay!
A Glass of Guppies
Whilst browsing the Freecycle Offers and Wanted ad's I saw a woman with 2 small children was looking for some cloth nappies. I was happy to declutter 5 cloth nappies in her direction. I've been hoarding the nappies as they are a great size and useful for lots of different chores and projects. However 30 nappies is a bit much and they are here, and there and everywhere in my home.
Cloth Nappies to Go.
I placed a Wanted ad for large Bricks for a small upraised garden bed I want to build. I've had no success with my request. However I noticed a building being demolished in the city - so I might try and get the courage to ask the builders for 20 bricks... We'll see... as I feel a bit shy :-(

Do you Freecycle?

If you don't yet, look up a Freecycle organisation in your community or region or another similar organisations. It keeps stuff out of landfill and will allow you you to save money in the process.


  1. Freecycle sounds like a great idea. Have you tried the tip shop for bricks or anything else you could substitute? If i ever need some guppies i know who to call!

  2. Yes I went to the tip shop to look for furniture and bricks. But it started pouring so I headed for cover in the car and went home.

    For those overseas that don't know what our tip shop is... It's the dump where people get rid of their rubbish. And the good stuff goes into a shop near the dump that resells at great prices the good stuff.

    The bikes are enough to make you weep when you know how so many kids around the world can't even get too school because it's too far to walk - and yet here are near new bikes under the rain :-(

  3. Thanks again :) you should check out my sewing blog :) i'm always recycling old clothes into new ones and have started blogging bout them :)

  4. Hey Becky going over to your blog now. I always like to see what people in my neighbourhood is up to.


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