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Passionate about eco-frugality. I used to party hard, clubbing my way from pay-packet to pay-packet. Never getting ahead, just getting by. Then came our much wanted baby with no savings in the bank - only an old car. Changes were made to our lifestyle and we didn't turn back. In the past 6yrs we purchased a flat, found employment, lived below our means, built an emergency fund, purchased a reliable car and saw the financial benefits of our frugal lifestyle. Our only debt is our mortgage. Our aim is to manage our cash flow wisely, pay off our home quickly and eventually work for pleasure, not necessity. Join us on our journey, share insights, tips and tricks to help us and others to get ahead while having a good time.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

10 Days Off - Day 2 Saturday 23/4

On Saturday there was a FREE Easter Event for kids at the Waterfront! I thought we would not be able to make it as I had prior commitments. However those commitments became flexible and The Rambling Expat and I could take Dolly down for the fabulous Free Fun!

Dolly went on the jumping castle, water slide, slide castle and joined in arts & crafts activities which were run by Corrugated Iron and Life Be In It. She met the Easter Bunny, received a mini chocolate egg and 2 balloons.
On our way home getting into our New Car.
In the afternoon I went off to help my online job Boss Lady pack up the office as it's moving it elsewhere. Due to helping her, she gave me some great stuff.
  • A Ikea desk she no longer needs, 
  • a set of desk draws, 
  • a small bookshelf, 
  • 4 packets of A4 paper, 
  • an old MAC computer, 
  • Display acrylics (perfect for my market stall) 
  • and other bits and bobs.
Then Boss Lady took me out to a Buffet Dinner where I ate prawns, oysters, mussels, Barramundi fish, salad, vegetables, fired rice and plenty more. Lucky me as she paid the bill.

The day was nearly a Spend Free Day - except I caved and bought McDonald's at lunch - and boy did I feel sick afterwards. I had a chicken burger and something must have been off as my belly churned, I ran to the loo and felt very shaky and nauseous. That will teach me for buying expensive rubbish food! Luckily it only lasted 30 minutes.

Have you been having spend free days or do you waste money on junk food like I do?
I get so mad at myself for falling prey to junk food! It's expensive, full of toxic additions and doesn't taste that great. Why Why Why do I want the rubbish????


  1. Repeat after me...McDonalds equals icky stomach...and at least it was only stomach! It could have been MUCH worse.

    I have no answers for beating the junk food cravings other than going cold turkey. I have not eaten at McDs in 20 years...and even then it was an apple bran muffin, still load with sugar and fat, no doubt.

    Just start saying ¨NO¨ to junk...and put that money saved off of the mortgage.

  2. I love a free day out like that. I read local newspapers and notices to spot such things. We drove past a Mcdonalds the other day and my daughter said '' ohhh'' but we drove on and didnt stop, for exactly the reason you said, overpriced & poor food. i don't remember it tasting so bad when i was a child but we only had it very very occasionally.

  3. Miss Piggy and Daffodil, You are better then me! The junk food is such a waste of money and yet I buy it. Not only is it wasteful and unhealthy but it's unethical environmentally and human rights wise to :-(


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