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Thursday, April 28, 2011

10 Days Off - Day 3 Sunday 24/4

Sunday morning was a Easter Egg hunt for Dolly. There wasn't too much as I knew she would get a more from various places and quite frankly I think that the whole chocolate overload at Easter is extreme nowadays. Even thought we do not follow any religion the Easter Bunny, Bilby (Australian) and Bells (French) came and hid mini eggs, 1 medium egg and 1 large egg.
Eggs in Sunshine.
Dolly was inside when she heard the bells clanking and she screeched in excitement and pushed past me to get to her goodies while looking up at the sky to search for the bells. I encouraged her to be quick as the sun is not forgiving here in the tropics.

On the radio I heard a health organisation discouraging people from purchasing more then 2 eggs per child and said people could buy cheap toys instead. I cringed at the thought. More cheap toys that break within minutes and clutter the home. I think we are all about consumerism in festive times and wouldn't it be great if we trained ourselves to stop listening to the blah blah blah and just spend quality time with each other instead. After the chocolate mutiny I headed to Boss Lady's office with my mums 4 Wheel Drive to take another load of goodies home which included:
  • 2 beautiful shiny black and chrome stools (my mum took them for her new counter),
  • 2 office chairs (much needed - Yay!),
  • Clothing and shoes for my market stall,
  • And more useful Bits and Bobs.
I then headed to the airport to join Boss Lady who was catching a flight. I was ahead of time so stopped for a 5 minutes on the side of the road with engine off, music on and aircond on! Yes 5 minutes latter the battery was flat! By then I was pushed for time. So what to do that is Frugal and Fast when I have no wheels??? I locked up the car and hitched hiked to the airport which was only a 5 minute drive but a 20 minute walk in the sizzling heat.

At the airport I chatted to lovely Boss Lady and enjoyed a Free Lunch and Drink with her at the Qantas Club. I had tomato juice and then a tonic water and ate a ham sandwich, salad and 2 small pieces of cake. I also rang The Rambling Expat and Dolly to come and pick me up and charge up the battery with our new, second hand car.

Once Boss Lady flew off into the sunset, The Rambling Expat and Dolly arrived, a quick charge and my mum's car worked fine. Then home to unload my goodies, then mum's to return her car, then watered my plot at the Botanical Gardens and once Dolly was fed and in bed, I set up our "new" craft/sewing/homework area. Click Here: To see what it used to look like. Such happiness for a nice new workstation.
New draws, desk and office chairs.
It was nearly another spend free day except that I purchased a new card reader for my Blog Posts at $17.

How did you go?

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