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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy Happy Happy at the Happy Yess

I had such fun at the Happy Yess Market. I loved the market venue and people!!! It was full of like-minded people who enjoy preloved stuff, worry about the environment and look different then a Target catalogue shoot.

I came home with 144$ after the 10$ fee. I had spent 145$ on preloved goodies. So I'm 1 buckaroo short. However I still have lots of lovely stock (for Ebay, Fishpond and Yess) so those sales will become my gravy money which I can place into my different projects and savings.

My Stall - sales were already made.
Now that I have seen and experienced the venue, I have ideas to make my stall look prettier next time as it looks poorly and sad-ish. I also want to prevent people having to bend down to look at my goodies. But it's all a learning curve and a work in progress, so stay tuned.

New ideas on how to spice it up.
What did we spend on, at the market? We bought a cup cake $4 and non-rum-ball .50 cents (Yum!!) and Dolly did a card making activity $1. Plus she did some free Hoola Hooping and ran around driving everyone crazy with her VERY LOUD shrieking happy voice.

Dolly and the Hoola Hoop Lesson.
In the background behind Dolly is I Love Lamp's stall with lots of lovely vintage gear, knick-knacs and jewels. A stall with a huge amount of style.

Wonderful Re-purposed trash.
My stall neighbour had the most gorgeous stuff made from trash. Bracelets made from bike tubes, gift bags made from newspapers, bowls made from old records. Click on image above to enlarge and see her talent. Very inspiring stuff.

New Happening Place for those sick of the usual.
Darwin doesn't have a preloved and local crafts treasure market. So I think this will work as people are sick of the usual unfair-trade stuff that fills the other markets.

And what a venue!!! Lots of grass to lie around in and enjoy each other company.

Are you a fan of markets??? Do you ever have a stall or boot sale?


  1. Hey Stephanie! i dont think ive heard of that market, where is it? I think a second hand market would be great up here. Im planning on doing Palmerston Markets when they start up again so trying to get organised for that. Have a great weekend x

  2. What a fab location to sell and shop in. I could spend hours there. I have done Boot sales in the past which are very popular here on Sunday mornings.

  3. Hi Karen,
    I had a Car Boot sale in Melbourne once with Hard Rubbish collected items. I did well - money for nothing.. and had a great time meeting eccentric characters.
    Hi Melissa,
    The market is NEW. It's only the 2nd one - the 1st was at Browns Mart and now this one is at Darwin Visual Arts in Wood Street Darwin. Palmerston should work well for you and so would Parap/Mindil.


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