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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Spent Big For my Market Stall

I did a last Op-shop hunting for my market stall. I gave myself a budget of $20. But spent a whopping $62.50!!!

However in my finds I picked up, 17 Manga Comic Books for $2 each (they retail at $27 each).
Japanese Manga
And a soft toy for Dolly's little market stall at .50 cents and wrapped around its neck was this gorgeous tiny Wedgewood pendent (worth about $30 if sold on Ebay.) But could also be stashed in my gift box.
Wedgwood Pendent.
And this gorgeous book which was given as a Birthday gift to a lucky recipient in 1937!!! Picked up for $1 it was published in 1934. This edition usually sells for about $25 (maybe more with the dust jacket).
Published in 1934! Finding stuff like this in the tropics is rare indeed!
So I had a lucky day with amazing finds.

My shelf on the 1st photo, has some of my op-shop treasures and other lovely items from past years. A blue Moroccan glass I bought for 99 cents. My lovely white vase that I LOVE so much, purchased for only $2. The Rambling Expats beautiful Gothic Portraiture photography on the walls. My beautiful red vase I received from work colleagues filled with lush green leaves from the working bee at Dolly's preschool and my gardens. A glass coffee jar gifted from a work colleague. I am filling the jar with marbles I also found at the op-shop... when Mr T my neighbour returns them to me. He's having nostalgic moments with them, reminiscing about boyhood.

Found anything great lately on your thrifty secondhand hunts?


  1. No op shops here but I dumper dived some interesting tin boxes

  2. Would love to see pics of your tins Cathy!

  3. We don't have a lot of places for thrifting here but I did buy a great chair at a re-sale shop recently. I've been searching for a "new" reading chair for two years and finally found the perfect one!

  4. There's been a lovely 50's/60's chair sitting in the rain on someones footpath for a couple of weeks. My home is too small and cluttered - but if I had space and talent I would have snapped it up, cleaned it and recovered it.

    Vintage is not sought after too much in my town and this beauty has been ignored for weeks. I don't have a comfy chair for reading in my home - however I like to read in bed.

  5. Excellent op shop haul you have there! I need to stop reading about op shop bounties as I snuck again today for a spell of opping. I have no op willpower.


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