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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Inexpensive Home Help

The tourist season is on in our region again. So we are getting many requests from backpackers to sleep on our couch and have a meal in exchange for some work.

I ask for 3 hours work for what we offer. Our helpers J&J have just left us to discover Litchfield National Park where another person has accepted them for some gardening work. They stayed with us for 3 days and we really enjoyed their company.

Here are some of the jobs they did for us:

  • Helped at the school for the Garden Working Bee.
  • Cleaned the lounge fan.
  • Washed up dishes.
  • Helped with dinner.
  • Cut back a bothersome fishtail tree in our backyard.
  • Hang up laundry to dry.
  • Put together a clothes rack.
  • Played Dolls and Read books to Dolly.

All this stuff really helps me out as I am time poor and messy as there are so many things I want to do each day, get enough sleep and have time for The Rambling Expat and Dolly.

But Best of All they entertained us and played music with Dolly. I had my own band right here at home.
Dolly Examining the Song Words.
Dolly Playing Along with her Bongo Drum.
Dolly had the best time and loved it so much. My cheeks hurt from smiling and trying not to laugh. I Loved having them stay with us.

For those concerned about having strangers near their kids, I wish to point out even though I am a huge fan of HelpX and think it's a great way to travel and be part of a travelling community, I am still careful of who I choose to stay in my home or in who's home I stay in as a guest. I never give keys and I never leave Dolly out of my eyesight, not even for 1 minute with strangers. Dolly sleeps in the same room as us with her bed against ours or in our bed. We have lots of trinkets hanging on our bedroom door which make a racket when it is opened because she is a sleepwalker. When the time comes that she is in a room of her own we will no longer take strangers into our home.

Do you frugal travel or have your own musicians in your home?


  1. when we travel we use go to relatives or camping both my boys play an instrument

  2. I have my husband and his 4 guitars !!!

  3. I love this concept, but have never seen it employed in the US. I have taken strangers into our though through exchange programs and friends of friends. My daughter plays violin and piano and often entertains her younger siblings with music. I love the sound of music in my home!

  4. Cathy, I like camping and hope to do some this month.

    Miss Piggy Bank, Does your husband play all 4 guitars at once?

    Alea, You can browse the Helpx and Couchsurfing websites and see if anyone is in your neighbourhood. You may be surprised.


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