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Thursday, May 5, 2011

10 Days Off - Day 10 Sunday 01/05

Today was my fun fun fun Happy Yess Market Day!!!

It was a slow day with not many customers or visitors. I think too many things were on in Darwin on the same day. Also because of the long weekend many of them were probably camping or travelling too.

But I made a small profit of $46, spent $4 on cold drinks leaving me $42 which I am placing in our Borneo Holiday fund.
Hey Hey... Scary Market Matron.
Sorry about the photo. (Thanks Rambling Expat.) I look life I'm scowling (I have the sun in my eyes). I also presented my stall much better then in this shot, by hanging all my cutest clothing against the window screens. And what's with the stomach pushed out? I could have stood up straight and held it in somewhat. I'm wearing my floaty silky $2 scarf-dress, my $6 sandals, $1 cardi, $4 chunky turquoise necklace, $1 headband and expensive glasses. I look like a scary matron...

Anyway lets move on... Dolly sold a pair of outgrown shoes for $4 and a toy for $1. With her $5 she purchased herself a wand... as all happy fairies do.

But latter in the afternoon everything became dramatic as Dolly stepped on sharp plastic with her bare foot, she screamed and bled. I ran to her pushing everyone out of my way as all crazy mums do. Thankfully one of the market visitors was a nurse and patched her up with a 1st Aid kit. The Rambling Expat then took Dolly to the hospital where they cleaned the wound of dirt embedded deep and patched the wound with "magic purple glitter" glue and strips instead of stitches. Her foot is bandaged up and now she needs to not walk on it for a few days.

I'm giving a Shout Out to my friend Kelly who has lent us a stroller to get Dolly from A to B. And a Big Thank You to the wonderful nurse who saved the day. To Merle for helping me pack up my stall. And another Thank You to all my amazing neighbours who always pitch in and help when disaster strikes. Great support always makes things easier, happier and frugalistic!

The hospital services were free so all I spent for the day was $4 for the cold drinks at the market as I just couldn't quench my thirst. But I do have my eye on some gorgeous locally made jewellery, paper dolls and prints. It's local and I want to support local instead of global mass produced stuff.

Have you been selling any of your clutter or thrifty finds this year?


  1. Funny you should mention clutter, I have been sorting out this afternoon a few items I want to sell on ebay. There is a church sale next week so I am donating a few bits to them as well.

  2. Poor Dolly! Get better soon, chick-a-dee!

    I have been thrifting furiously for a new purse and I am completely discouraged. BUT! Enough about me!

    Well done on adding to your holiday fund. You don´t need me to tell you to take a bottle of frozen water with you on market days.

  3. Hi Miss Piggy Bank - I donate some, put some on Freecycle and sell some (Market, Gumtree, Fishpond and Ebay).

    Hey Daffodil. Yes.. Yes I know... Take water... I did.. but I took 1 litre of frozen water and it wasn't enough. I need to take 2 litres of water and maybe 1 litre of cordial to get that sugar boost.
    Your purse will be there the day you don't expect it.
    Last year I gave up waiting for a gardening book I wanted and payed $35. My mum had it! She got it at the op shop for 50 cents!!!!
    Have you used Freecycle - maybe someone has a purse they no longer want that is just what you wanted.


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