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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

10 Days Off - Day 9 Saturday 30/4

This was a day of busyness. We went to see a free movie at the local university. It was a kids movie in German and then there was a adult movie in French but I had gardening I wanted to get done at my plot so didn't stay for the 2nd movie and now regret it. Boohoo.

The event was totally free, which included movies, delicious Indonesian finger food and soft drinks. They also had giveaways of German Flags, Pens, Pins with the Australian & German flag together and key lanyards.
Why do kids love flags so much and collect them everywhere they go?
And yet only about 15 people turned up! I don't get it???? Many times I've turned up at free events like this and there are hardly any people. When you have to pay $$$ to attend a International Film Festival there a queues of people.

I felt bad for the organisers. They had an article in the NT News, they advertised on the NT Department of Education Website and had posters up around Darwin.

This once happened to me at university roughly 10 years ago. I was the Women's Officer for my Campus in Melbourne, with the unpaid job came a bucket of money $2000 for spending on women centred activities. One evening I showed a current movie called; Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; it cost over $300 to show the movie to a public audience. I advertised on campus and handed hundreds of leaflets for the free screening with lots of positive feedback. Only 3 people turned up :-(  It was highly embarrassing and disappointing. It made me disheartened to organise any other "free" activities.

Today was a Spend Free Day. Yay for me!

Any interesting Free Activities in you area? Do you go to them or do you think they're not worth your time? Love to hear your views.


  1. Just catching up with your blog, loving reading about all the things you are doing on your "holiday" :)

  2. I always look out for such things. We have been to various evenings at our local art gallery; Night at the Museum, Motown, Make Do & Mend, Halloween nights. Food,drinks and activities. Open Days,Free Movie showings, festivals etc. People say to me 'where do you hear about that ?' I reply in the free local newspaper ( that everyone gets bit not everyone reads !! )

  3. Hi I just found your blog through a comment on Hazels blog. Looks good. I agree totally - so many people have the idea that if something is free there must be something wrong with it. The free movie evening sounds fantastic.

  4. Hi Dreamer,
    "Holiday" at home is exhausting but enjoyable too. No running away from the cooking and laundry - but nice to potter around at little less rushed.
    Hey Miss Piggy Bank,
    I get the same question all the time "where do you hear about all the things you do?" Same as you free newspapers, noticeboards, websites - I just note them in my diary and make a point of going to them.
    Hi African Aussie,
    Thanks for popping by. I think lots of people think Free means Lame. But I enjoy all the stuff I go to. And if I don't I can leave and not the financial pinch of wasting money if I walk out.

  5. We went to a free showing once of the Polar Express film when my daughter was about 5 years old. Its quite a dark film and a bit scary I suppose. My daughter got upset about 20 mins into the film as she thought the girl was going to get pushed off the train. She wouldnt calm down and I had to take her home. I recall thinking ' i'm glad I did'nt pay for that to have to leave so soon !'.


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