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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

10 Days Off - Day 8 Friday 29/4

Dolly and I went off super early to the Wildlife Park. We hit the road at 7:20am to pick up our ex Helpx's Merle & Steven as we were dropping them off at Berry Springs, which is next to the park.

Being locals we are lucky that we purchase the entry fee once and we an go as many times as we like for the rest of the year. I purchased the $26 entry fee for myself in November 2010 - so I was free and Dolly is free because she's not yet 5.

We arrived at 8:55am and headed straight to the Pelican Feeding where Dolly was able to throw fish at the Pelicans.
Pelican - One of Dolly's favourites.
We then went to the Aquarium by the free shuttle train to look at the fish, turtles and crocodile. Followed by Whip Ray & Archer Fish watching,
Fresh Water Whip Rays.
and then my favourite; the Bird Show. I love the Bird Show. It's always a bit different so I never get bored with it.
White Cockatoo
Dolly loves holding birds, snakes, lizards, marsupials and so on.
Dolly was Holding the Rufous Owl.
We had lunch in the cafe because I was too disorganised to make lunch in the morning and then we wasted time backtracking our steps to find Dolly's lost hat and sunglasses. I tell myself that we are "holidays" to cover the guilt of buying cafe food.

We did plenty of walking on the paths winding through the bush, drank water from our drink bottles and enjoyed each others company. We found a snake skin on the path for Dolly's school "Show and Share" session.

On our return home Dolly got straight into her cutting and pasting again and I exhaustedly completed chores and cooked dinner. But mums always have jobs to do... It's like a bottomless cup... It never ends.

How did you go? Any parks or beach walks this week?

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