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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Decluttered a Little

I told my family this morning "Before we do any of the fun stuff we are going to spend an hour tiding and cleaning the lounge room for 1 hour". We were too slow and didn't get as much done as I wanted. The lounge room is one of our main dumping grounds for our busy lives and is pile high with stuff on all available surfaces most of the time.

However we did prepared 9 bags for different people and did a day of visiting friends and drop offs.
  1. Dolly's school got candles, stickers and desk calendar.
  2. Merle and Stephen got a bag of candles and slightly ripped clothing made with lovely fabric for repurposing.
  3. Kelly got a bag of preloved magazines - mostly home decorating ones.
  4. Little L (Dolly's friend) got stickers and 3 sample mobile phones to play grown ups.
  5. Super R (Dolly's friend) got stickers and one of the lovely 2011 calendars from the op shop as they are just too pretty to cut up this year.
  6. Maleluca Refugee Centre got 5 booklets from my uni days on refugee issues.
We ran out of time and we still had:
  1. A return for Bunnings - gardening stuff that was not suitable/wrong size.
  2. A bag for the op shop.
  3. A few items for the Botanical gardens permaculture group office (In trays and making submission guides).
This will be done in the next few days. The lounge room is still cluttered however it's looking much better and I feel much more motivated. Isn't it amazing the amount of "stuff" that comes into our lives cheap or free. And it takes up valuable real estate in our home and fills up our brain. I stand here guilty as one of the worst offenders of accumulating STUFF.

You may enjoy watching this HERE.

Did you do any decluttering or are you always on top of it?


  1. I am glad I am not the only clutter culprit. As I type my daughter has a huge bin of lego all on the floor, a pile of dinner dishes in the kitchen to wash up and husband is playing his guitar. Grrrr

  2. I go through stages of decluttering. Every few weeks I have a declutter of paper work which accumulates on the desk. I get bills filed away and recycle all the unwanted paper.

    I like to have a good declutter every now and again of our wardrobes and drawers and donate them to charity shops. Generally I do keep on top of clutter.

  3. HA! Always on top of de-cluttering? That does NOT describe me at all! I am in a constant battle with clutter. It's nice to know I'm not the only one!

  4. I am always decluttering, never seem to find an end to it!

    Slowly but surely as three of the kids have left home (one to go,) I am getting better.

    Happy decluttering to you,



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