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Friday, May 13, 2011

Mothers Day 2011

The day before Mothers Day I purchased croissant for Dolly to bring me breakfast in bed. She told I wouldn't be allowed out of bed because her teacher told her so and that I would have to drink a cup of tea. So before the event I told her that I would just stay in bed for breakfast and that I don't really enjoy tea so she could just bring me water. She was agreeable to this.

On Mothers Day morning Dolly proudly brought me croissant in bed and gave me a gift she made at school - lovely chocolate and coconut balls. The Rambling Expat gave me a new cooking knife. I wondered to myself when did it change from gifts for pleasure, to gifts for chores. But I realised I preferred a useful gift that was not wasted money after all.

We then headed out to a FREE Mothers Day Family event at the Waterfront. There were lots of FREE activities for kids and a craft fair for mums to browse around. We had a lovely relaxing time.
There were 2 Free Jumping Castles and No Long Queues!
Free Beading for Children to Make Jewels for Mums!
Free Face Painting by Chantal the Fairy
And something super exciting happened!!! I heard my name and when I turned around there was Melissa from Clothwork - a blogger who I had communicated with in the past but never met. I think my attention seeking eye wear makes me recognisable:-)
It was so great to meet her and I'm sure we will all catch up with her again!!!

After all the activities The Rambling Expat, Dolly and I headed to lunch at a Irish Pub/Restaurant at the waterfront where we ordered burgers and fish & chips. That cost us a whopping $39.00. Not frugal at all - But hey I'm a mum and deserve to be officially celebrated once a year!
Our Lunch
We ended the day with chores and gardening. The Rambling Expat then put Dolly to bed while I went out! Melissa from Clothwork was given (or won) a 2 for 1 movie ticket for the Deck Chair Cinema that night at 7:30pm. She lives far from town so gave it to me. At 7:10pm I decided to take myself out with my 2 for 1 ticket. I offered a total stranger in the car park of the cinema that we split the 2 for 1 ticket so that the cost would be $7.50 each instead of $15 each. The stranger was thrilled as she was short on cash, but insisted she pay $10 (who am I to say no?). So I got into the movies for only $5.00. The Deck Chair Cinema is under the stars near the sea. Not only do you get a movie but you also get possums, flying foxes and the sea breeze.

Thanks Melissa!

Have you had Mothers Day in your country this year yet? If you did, how was your Mothers Day this year?


  1. Dolly looks so cute with her face painting, doesnt Chantal the fairy do an amazing job?! Glad you had a fab day , it was lovely meeting you and so glad you made the movies!

  2. So what movie did you get to see?

    My Mother's Day was simply "so-so". At the risk of sounding kind of crappy, I just wanted to sleep late and not have to get up and go teach Sunday School. I also would have liked to just go on a picnic with my hubby and son, but we had to see our own mothers and grandmother.

    Would love to take myself away to the movies but I've never been by myself. Maybe I should do that today! :-)

  3. Hi Melissa. Great meeting you too, once again thanks for the movie pass.

    HI Mary, We also went to Grandmas and dropped off a tomato plant as a gift. But I didn't want to hang around inside all day so we left after 3o minutes to head to the Mothers Day Craft Fair. Sorry your day ended up doing things for others.
    I love going to the movies alone. I use to do it all the time before I started counting my money and saving for the future.


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