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Friday, May 13, 2011

Treasures at the Op Shop within Budget

I have been working on my budget. I'll post it up latter today or this week. I'm super behind in my posts as the 3 times I tried to post this week I was unable to do so, due to Blogger ongoing maintenance and issues.

Last Saturday I went out and bought some "stuff" that is "allowed" in my new budget.

For Market Stall:
I have now given myself a budget of $25 per month for my market stall. This way I don't stop myself from buying some great goodies for the market, but I also don't go overboard. Anything I make over $25 at the next market will be my gravy money - and put towards various family projects without dipping into our savings that are pigeonholed for other projects such as home renovations, emergency fund, body corp fees and so forth.

Here is what I got for $7.50

  • 1 Camera Bag (These cost about $45 new - in great condition!) $3.00 
  • 1 Wide Brim Green Hat $2.00
  • 3 Books (.50cents each) $1.50
  • 1 Polka Dot Dress for 1 yr old $1.00

Mix of Goodies
Polka Dot for Market, Beautiful White Dress for Dolly.

For my own Fun money I have given myself a Budget of $15 a week. It's a lot but that includes any junk food I get myself for lunch in moments of weakness, any purchases that are not "needs", hairdresser, clothing, books, gifts and so forth. This part of the budget is a work in progress and will need to be tweaked.

Out of my Fun Budget I purchased these items for $7.50

  • 1 Gorgeous cotton white dress for Dolly (About $25 new).
  • 5 x 2011 Calenders to Use as calenders and for Dolly to cut (these were marked at $20-$25 new! No way would I spend that on a calender each year!) I gifted 1 calender to a work colleague with a teenage daughter who is a Twilight fan.
  • 1 Fiction Book for easy reading when I'm super tired.
  • Dolly purchased 1 new toy in package for a friends 7 week baby (he's a bit young for it but Dolly saw the opportunity and grabbed it - they sell for $11 new).

Calenders and Book
Little People

One of the calenders I bought twice, because the package contained really good value for money lovelies.
Very Pretty!
The package has: 1 Desk Calender, 4 post cards, 1 Reminder Dated Note Book and the calender for Dolly to cut out all the very pretty vintage images for her crafting.

I'm within budget and am making sure that our Budget does have Fun Money included - which it didn't in past years, but was spent anyway. As I said my new budget is a work in progress as I keep thinking of other things to add to it unfortunately.

How's yours? How is it created/thought out? I'd love to know what you do.

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  1. You got some great bargins there, they look great.

    Can you please clarify for us Brits what does the OP stand for in OP shop, thanks


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