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Friday, May 6, 2011

Tuesday Blues are Green - Back at Work

Today I went back to work after 11 Days Off. It's hard getting back into the swing of things - I feel like the new girl on the block, a bit tired and a few blanks in the memory bank.

I work in a Government Department in Information Services. Basically I work on a IT - Help Desk assisting people with their databases and test database upgrades. The Government Department is creating a new Green Team to plan and implement Eco and Sustainable business practices as to minimise ecological unsound practices. An invitation was sent out to Government workers to become part of the team, 1 person per division. I asked my manager if I could apply and she said "yes".

So now I'll be part of a Green Team and will be able to learn about and encourage ecologically sustainable practices in my division. This is very exciting for me and gives me a boost to my personal ethics as I may be able to implement some of them into my workplace.

On the floor I work on someone out of the norm, has placed a bookshelf with FREE books in the tea room - and to start off my knowledge I found a real goodie, just there waiting for me; "Sustainable Growth".
I Found a Free Eco Book
It's ecological practices for small businesses however I'm sure many ideas are transferable into a large Government organisation.

I find being careful with resources to prevent ecological unsound wastage means less wastage with money too. Does your work place (paid or unpaid) implement Green Initiatives? Does anyone have ideas to share with me or others who work in offices?

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