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Passionate about eco-frugality. I used to party hard, clubbing my way from pay-packet to pay-packet. Never getting ahead, just getting by. Then came our much wanted baby with no savings in the bank - only an old car. Changes were made to our lifestyle and we didn't turn back. In the past 6yrs we purchased a flat, found employment, lived below our means, built an emergency fund, purchased a reliable car and saw the financial benefits of our frugal lifestyle. Our only debt is our mortgage. Our aim is to manage our cash flow wisely, pay off our home quickly and eventually work for pleasure, not necessity. Join us on our journey, share insights, tips and tricks to help us and others to get ahead while having a good time.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wednesday Night's Dinner

A put a little olive oil, soy sauce, garlic, ginger and raw peanuts in my wok. I sliced up a left over cooked lamb chop and mixed it in. Added left over broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. From the garden I added purple spinach (still don't know it real name) and some Rosella (Hibiscus Sabdariffaleaves (which I recently learnt I can eat - And I LOVE them!)
Woked it all Up
Plated up for the 3 of us, with a cup of rice and garnished with eatable Rosella flowers that are full of vitamins.
Dolly's Mini Portion.
I'm happy when the left overs are used up and the fridge looks tidy. Less waste is so much better for our environment and my purse is much happier too! 

How have you been going with your left overs?


  1. Oh yum, Ms Frugal! I miss Rosella. I used to love going bushwalking around Darwin and just munching on the leaves and flowers as I found them.

    I should buy some Rosella jam when I'm back in town, to keep me going in Adelaide.

    See you in June!

    Ms. Dig.

  2. Looks delish! I am a fan of the greenery as well. Looks great on the plate and tastes even better on the tastebuds.


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