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Friday, June 3, 2011

Overspent Again on Op Shopping

I purchased some items for my Happy Yess market stall coming up this Sunday. My budget was $25 but I spent $36 for the market stall and $10 on myself.

This is what I purchased for the market:

6 books at 50 cents each - $3
1 vogue magazine Oct 2010 - $1
Leather Colorado handbag - $6
Mazi skirt with vintage look flowers $6 (new skirts go for $59 to $89)
Brand new with tags, Joe and Paul Sister, silk top $8 (Retailed $240!)
Baby ring sling $4 (These retail for $25 to $35)
Pretty white cotton lace dress $5
Watch $3 (May have been an silly purchase as it needs a battery and I don't know if I can change it myself)

For me:
Edith Piaf 2 CD box set $6
Gorgeous book on paper crafts $4
2nd Hand Goodies.
As I was taking this photograph someone saw the Colorado handbag and bought it. I didn't want to make a profit from her but she insisted on giving me $10. A $4 profit that paid off the baby ring sling. I'm now down to $26 purchased for the market which is on Sunday. Therefor only $1 over budget... Yay :-)

As for the "me" purchases, once I've enjoyed the book and tried making some of the crafts I will sell it on at the market. The Edith Piaf CD may also go if I already have all the songs.

With secondhand shops selling such great items, I find there really isn't any reason to purchase items new. And if I was slim I would have fun dressing up in beautiful dresses everyday for a pittance.

What a crazy society we have become discarding items so readily. Do you buy new or are you green and frugal opting to only purchase others discarded lovelies?


  1. I am a hard core op shopper and e-bayer. I have been op shopping for 27 years and I don´t think I will ever stop. The only things I buy new are smalls and socks. I ride horses and I even purchase my riding tack second hand. My last saddle retails for AUD$5,000 and if I had to pay that I think that I would curl up and die, but I found mine second hand and in as new condition for one third that price. It is 13 years old and will last another 20 years easily.

    Second hand all the way!!!!

  2. You are quite right, there really isn't much need to buy new anymore; second hand shops are jam packed with good stuff, just like you've found!

  3. This seems like a fantastic way to indulge an op shopping passion.
    Op shopping really is the ultimate.

  4. Hi Owl in a Lark World,

    Op shops are the bees knees. It's so much fun being on the hunt.

    I get my addiction to op shops fed. And everything is discarded from another person so not "new", this keeps me in tune to my own personal ethics of not encouraging further production and keeping stuff out of landfills.

    I often wear one of my finds for a few days and then sell it on. This allows me to continue not being faithful to my stuff as I get bored with it easily.

  5. I am missing out on all those great garage sales since I live in a developing country. It is good to see how everything is used and reused and given new purposes. But since flea markets don't exist here, I have to buy a plane ticket to visit one.

  6. I can't believe the stuff people get rid of! I can find brand name, brand new items that have never been used in my thrift shop. But then again, when I get rid of things I sometimes have things like that myself. At least we can recycle it.

  7. You should check out "Her Library Adventures" ... she does a thrifty sunday link up or something to that description. I think you would like ...


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