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Thursday, July 28, 2011

What About Me!

I have been feeling really quite shitty lately. Grumpy, anxious, tired, sensitive to cluttering noise and in need of time out. Not just for a few minutes but for weeks worth of time out. Not time out from Dolly, but time out from everything else in my life. I wish I had the luxury of working only when I want to, go where I want to and do what I want to, when I want to. I also wish I could click my fingers and my home would be gloriously tidy, clean, harmonious and clutter free. A haven of bliss. I guess it all comes to the life choices I've made and continue making. I could make changes but I'm too tired to think most days. I'm also an amazingly fantastic procrastinator. Jealous?

Everyday feels like I'm part of the rat race at the moment. Day in day out of the sameness. Up, work, cook, eat, bed. Up, work, cook, eat, bed. Up, work, cook, eat, bed. When Fridays come around I get excited that I can live more freely over the weekend and daydream.

Nice pick me ups such as the environmental movies I have been attending Thursday nights this month have been a breath of fresh air for me. Mixing in a social environment of like minded people. Not spending many dollars. Giving a donation to the organisation fundraising on the night. Learning about the ecology of our planet and what to do to protect it has all been a very very nice distraction from bits of my life I don't like. Did any of you end up watching the movie HOME I posted a couple of weeks ago? I thought it was an amazingly beautiful movie. Upsetting yes, but well worth the watch.

Anyway tonight I forced myself to attend alone with my bad feelings and I was surprised that there wasn't an ecological movie. But instead The Movie "1 Giant Leap - What About Me" All about people and the malaise that we feel. It was pumping with great speakers, wonderful visuals and exquisite music from a variety of countries and singers. Absolutely what I needed to try and change my self talk to positive feel good stuff :-) How lucky was I.

Here's a snippet of the doco. There are a few trailers and parts on You Tube and some more on their website. Let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading my posts, giving me company on my journey of change, self discovery and keeping me on track.

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  1. I like your first paragraph, that somes up my last two weeks. I think we are living parallel lives at the opposite ends of the earth ( thats sounds deep doesnt it ! ) :-)


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