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Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Happy Yess $50

I completed my laundry, watered my 2 plots, had my market stall and menu planned. But I'm too knackered to do my food shopping, that will have to wait until Monday or Tuesday night.

So.. at The Happy Yess market I made $50 after taking out;
  • $150 float, 
  • $12 stall fee, 
  • $25 stock costs 
  • $7 for 24 coat hangers and 
  • $8 lebanese food from a fellow stall holder for The Rambling Expat, Dolly and myself. 
This is less then last time, however I set up too late, missing the 1st influx of willing customers who found nothing at my stall to tempt them. And this is still a hobby. Me playing around, dreaming of the "what if's..."

Clothes Rack, Bookshelf and Card Table.

Dolly made $7 on a soft toy and a pair of outgrown shoes. She spent $2 on gingerbread men another stall holder was selling. Leaving her $5 to divide into 3 equal parts. As this would prove difficult I slipped an extra 10 cents into her pile of coins. And this is what my 4 year old did on her own with a brain foggy with exhaustion. (Proud Mama here.)

Dolly Positioning her Money.
$1.70 placed into each container;
  • short term (spending, lollies, toys), 
  • medium short term (horse?), 
  • long term (home?).
And this is my $50 :-)

Let the Good Times Roll
  • $25 will go into our travel fund (Borneo?)
  • $25 into my garden plot jar as I need to purchase a timer for water irrigation.
I really wanted to try and squeeze another market in somewhere else last month but felt too shy. However another stall holder has given me her number and we may go together and cheer each other on. I just have to go and spend my $25 "stock money" on another op shopping spree to prepare my next stall.

Did you sell or swap anything this month?
What do you get your kids to do with their money?

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  1. I sold at a carboot sale yesterday ( 3rd July).I was there by about 6.30 am. My mum has redecorated yet again , and gave me her ' old' kitchen stuff - kettle, toaster, etc along with some ornaments and pictures she no longer wanted. I took some toys and household stuff- it's about time I got rid of the toys - KL will be 16 next month! We had a really good day , took a picnic breakfast and lunch so we didn't have to spend on food , and came home with just over £146.


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