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Monday, July 25, 2011

Snakes, snakes and more snakes.

While I was watering my garden plot yesterday I took hold of some of my eggplant branches to inspect a branch that is dying. As I went to grab another branch I noticed a small branch that looked slightly different and pulled my hand away... just in case. I peered closer and yes just there, where I was about to grab was a tiny snake.

The snake was tiny and sweet looking. He was only about 40cm long. But I'm sure if I'd wrapped my hand around him he would not have been pleased with me at all.

3 different snakes in 2 weeks around my garden plot has turned me into slightly over paranoid. I am dreaming and seeing snakes everywhere, as is Dolly who thinks every watering hose looks like a snake.
There's a snake in my eggplants.

Looking straight at me.
The beauty of having seen 3 snakes in 2 weeks is that many are disappearing due to eating the introduced to Australia cane toads. So these are lucky sightings which one day may be not be possible anymore. Cane toads have been increasing in numbers in the Darwin region in the past 4 years, I no longer see goannas and blue tongue lizards in my neighbourhood. This is a terrible thing as the balance of food chain for the local wildlife has changed. We used to have a visiting blue tongue at our front door that we used to hand feed small pieces of meat and fruit, hoping to prevent him from eating a cane toad. He is now gone.

Any snakes in your favourite tramping ground? Are animals disappearing due to ecological disasters in your area?


  1. Snakes discourage birds from eating your produce, if that is any consolation. Are these poisonous? Of course, I would be jumping at the sight of any snake. My hens think the water hose is a snake. Plus, it hisses. I cannot think of any wildlife disappearing right in area in Alabama.

  2. Ive really noticed a decline in snakes around here and the frill necks too. Such a shame.

  3. too scary to think of all the changes going on due to weather changes. On a related note, because of "light pollution" we have far fewer fireflies even out here in the country. Sure wish more folks would use motion sensors on their security lights.

  4. You are way braver than I would have been. I'm so scared of snakes, even little bitty snakes. I wouldn't have came back to take a picture. It is sad that certain species of wildlife are becoming extinct because of the change in habitat. However that is the natural way....think dinosaurs.

  5. Yikes! I'm usually stick to the idea that the only good snake is a dead snake! But there *are* snakes that do good, like rat snakes. My husband has instructed me to kill any snake I see because I probably wouldn't be able to tell on sight if it was poisonous or not, unless of course it was a rattlesnake! The one you found was cute, if that's possible.


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