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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Mouth Dropped Open at the Cinema

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Anyway back to me and my life :-)  On Saturday I decided we should go to the cinema as a family to see the new Smurfs movie. As I haven't won tickets in ages I had to fork out my hard earned cash. The other curve ball is Dolly has reached paying age.

So armed with our own food and drinks (no signs or policies stating you can't). And our own 3D glasses to save $3, we went and paid for our tickets. When I was told the price my mouth dropped open. $58 for 2 adults and 1 child!!!! How can families afford going to the movies??? It's crazy expensive and a total rip off.

I was not impressed, but we had waited in line for 20 minutes and Dolly was super excited and I wasn't prepared to crush her excitement. However it would have been cheaper to purchase the DVD, a quality pizza and some drinks. I could have then resold the DVD at half price and really be ahead.

So I paid and allowed my daughter to have a special time with her Maman and Papa, but we will not be heading to the movies at that price again soon - that's for sure. If I went at that price on a regular basis, I can kiss my cutting back on work hours and early retirement goodbye.

What country / state do you live in? Is the cinema affordable where you live?


  1. WHOAAAAA! Where do you LIVE? Even when I lived in London it wasn't that much! (Unless you went to the one in Leicester Square where the UK premieres are shown - ~£20 for a student!!).

    Back here in Cornwall (southwest UK) I think 3D films are ~£7, and normal films are £6 (no student discount here though, although on Wednesdays you can get 2 for 1 tickets). I'm not sure about kids though. Probably about £4.

    According to today's conversion rate $58 is £37. Eeek!

  2. $58 is crazy! But this is where Groupon comes in - perhaps you can look at signing up to our National Deals as sometimes they are applicable to NT! Not this movie deal though =(

    I usually pre-purchase tickets when Events have F and F deals:


    and they can be used in NT =)

  3. I live in a small town in Alabama, southern part of US. Adult tickets are $9, children are $7.50. I rarely go to a movie. Australia is the last I saw at the theater. It was Christmas Day and a treat. The time before that was when CHICAGO was playing. The price is not affordable to me. However, there are ten screens and the place is packed on weekend nights. The Senior price is same as for children, but that price is good only when children can attend, too. That's no fun.

  4. My mouth dropped open at that price, too! If we go to the "big city" here movie tickets are $7.50 for adults. And my son counts as an adult now. If we want to go to a tiny kind of crappy theater in our small town then it only costs $2 each. We go to the movies so rarely that we usually like to treat ourselves to the big screen and stadium seating in the big city. Mostly, though, we just get our movies from Netflix and watch them at home.

  5. Crikey! is all I can say. I'm planning on a solo trip to see Tinker, Tailor this week, treating myself after an oh so emotional upset. About seven quid I think. But whatever, I don't care, I deserve it!
    pamela xxx
    ps. thanks for following my blog:D, you can share my gory details and check out OUR new connection! It's a small world!

  6. I live in Canberra and we rarely go the local Westfield mall movies, as it's so dear as are other places. Pay tv is cheaper, people say. Why not rent a movie and enjoy it. Interesting comments re how cheap it is elsewhere. Life here is a rip off. I read of a lady renting movies each weekend and doing pop corn. Sounds ideal, as we do.

  7. I live in the Midwest USA -- tickets cost $10 for a "basic" show. The price goes up for fancier theaters (i.e. 21 & up), or special viewings (3D, IMAX).


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